Monday, January 9, 2012

Heeby Jeebies

Boy do I love how stocked the fridge is after a trip to the grocery store.


Look at all that beautiful lettuce just dying to be made into a salad Winking smile.

Other than my took-way-longer-than-it-should-have trip to the grocery store (I swear, the lady in front of me should have been on Extreme Couponers), my day has been pretty uneventful. I had a full day at my rotation so I was up early to get my morning workout in. Today’s focused on chest and triceps and started with the following routine:

Exercise Sets Reps Weight
Dumbbell chest press 4 (done like a circuit w/ decreasing weight) 15 Set 1: 40 lbs
Set 2: 35 lbs
Set 3: 30 lbs
Set 4: 25 lbs
Overhead triceps extension 3 (done like a circuit w/ decreasing weight) 15 Set 1: 20 lbs
Set 2: 17.5 lbs
Set 3: 15 lbs
Chest flyes 3 15 2 x 12.5 lb dumbbells
Tricep dips 3 12 body weight
Push-ups (on my knees) 3 12 body weight
Tricep Pressdowns 3 15 50 lbs

I finished up with 20 minutes of walking at a 4.0 mph pace with a 5.0 incline. I am really loving incline walking lately. It’s so much less tortuous than running Winking smile.

Some recent eats:

Packed lunch


New Larabar flavor


(They sent me some samples of their newest creation, and I love it! Can’t wait until it’s out in stores)

Random pasta and veggie concoction:


I sautéed some onion, red and green bell pepper, and garlic and tossed it with some whole wheat penne and a little mozzarella and parmesan cheese.


It was good, but wasn’t exactly what I was going for. Next time I’m definitely using less pasta, more veggies, and nixing the mozzarella cheese.

Oh, and last night my friend Elly and I went to Smashburger for dinner.


Black bean burger w/ avocado, plus sweet potato fries. YES PLEASE. Oh my, we will definitely be back.


They even have whole wheat buns. Win.

So this is totally random, but right now as I’m typing this Hoarders is on in the background and so far they have removed 29 live cats and 13 dead ones from this man’s home. So sad Sad smile. Does anyone else watch that show? The worst case by far that I’ve ever seen was last weekend when a family just stopped taking out their trash, so they were hoarding garbage. Their entire house was infested with cockroaches, and the mom was a diabetic and she just threw her used insulin syringes everywhere. The bathrooms were just as bad, with mold everywhere and used sanitary napkins all over the floor. It sill gives me the heeby jeebies every time I think about it. Eeek.

And on that note, it’s time to change the channel to The Bachelor Winking smile.

Side note: I couldn’t think of a title for this post, so I called it Heeby Jeebies after my little Hoarder’s tangent. It works.

Enjoy your evening Smile


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