Monday, January 16, 2012

Mirror In The Back Seat

You know that saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone?”

Well, I think it applies to all things in life. People, jobs, relationships..and even side view mirrors.


The right side view mirror of my car has been loose ever since I accidently backed into the side of a car wash last summer (don’t ask…). However, it has surprisingly done a pretty good job of staying in place; surviving through harsh weather and even rough car washes. Unfortunately, the other day when I was scraping ice off my car, I must have knocked the mirror too hard and the next thing I knew it was on the ground. Now it’s just chillin’ in my back seat until I get sick of cranking my neck around constantly to check for cars and decide to get it fixed.


While I do miss having my mirror in it’s proper place, I’m not exactly super motivated to go fix it. I’ve never been one to quickly schedule car repairs if they’re not urgent and besides that, I’m way too lazy I’m anticipating purchasing a new car within the next year so I hate putting money into it if it isn’t absolutely necessary. However, here’s my question to you: is it even legal to drive around with a busted mirror like that? The answer to that question could very well influence my decision to get it fixed…

In other news, last night a couple of friends and I came to the conclusion that the only thing better than eating at On The Border is ordering On The Border to go.


I was able to enjoy my favorite grilled enchilada with avocado and red chili pesto in the comfort of my own home. Well, technically Brad and Elena’s home, but you get the idea.


We enjoyed our Mexican food while talking about pharmacy school rotations and watching Bridesmaids. It was my first time seeing that movie and I loved it! and So hilarious.

This morning’s workout was very similar to last Monday's chest and triceps routine, only I ended it with 20 minutes of HIIT on the Stairmaster instead of incline walking.

Post-workout breakfast:


Two dippy eggs with an English muffin, plus two clementines. I love me some dippy eggs!


And here’s lunch:


Tomato basil chicken sausage, and a spinach salad.


For the record, there is no good way to photograph a sausage. No matter what angle you shoot at, it’s still awkward.

I’ve got dinner plans in a bit and then I’m coming home to watch The Bachelor and hopefully get some work done on one of my rotation assignments. See ya later!


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