Monday, January 2, 2012

New Circuit Workout

Houston, we have snow!


It may not be as much as some of my friends have up in Marquette (they got over a foot last night!) or even my family in Traverse City, but I still had plenty to scrape off of my car this morning before driving to the gym for a workout. I’m not complaining though Smile.

Speaking of workouts, today was my first day of the new routine from Muscle and Fitness Hers that I mentioned earlier last week. The plan consists of 6 days of workouts a week, including two days of upper-body circuits, two days of lower-body circuits, and two cardio/abs days. Day 1 started with an upper-body circuit, which looked like this:


You repeat the circuit four times, increasing the weight during each circuit and decreasing the reps. You also do five minutes of cardio in between each circuit, which I like because it keeps me from getting bored. I did make a couple of modifications to the workout, including using dumbbells for the overhead press and curls; and I only did the circuit three times and tacked on an extra 10 minutes of cardio at the end.

Unfortunately, there were a few things that I wasn’t so crazy about once I actually started the workout. For one, it took me a while to finish it, and I don’t like being at the gym that long. When I start working out early in the morning before my rotation, I won’t have that much time to spend at the gym. Another thing I didn’t think about beforehand is that increasing the weight for every set is kind of a pain in the butt on the exercises that require barbells because I’m constantly taking off weights and putting them back on. That will get old really fast. Lastly, especially on days when the gym is crowded, I can see this routine being rather difficult to execute because you kind of have to set everything up before you run through the circuit so you don’t have to stop in the middle.

Overall, it was still a great workout and I plan on giving it a week before I decide if I want to keep doing it for the next month. If I really don’t like it, I may end up just writing a fresh routine next week.

Post-workout breakfast:


Apple cinnamon oats in my brand new bowl that my sister got me for my birthday.


Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s hand painted AND microwave and dishwasher safe. Love it.

Backtracking to yesterday, I spent most of my time cleaning and completing my final handout for seminar, working on my Powerpoint, and cleaning. I definitely made time to enjoy some of the yummy food I picked up at the grocery store on Saturday though!


Salad with mixed greens, cucumber, ham, Swiss cheese and Balsamic




And dinner consisted of sautéed onion with chicken sausage, and sweet potato fries on the side.


This was actually really tasty, and you will probably see chicken sausage again in the near future Smile.


Today I have a few errands to run before coming home to put some finishing touches on my seminar Powerpoint and start rehearsing it. Tomorrow is my first day at my new rotation (ironically, it’s the first rotation that I have at an actual pharmacy, haha), and then I’m meeting with my seminar advisor in the afternoon to practice my presentation. Busy busy!

Catch ya later!


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