Friday, January 20, 2012

Restaurant Dining Goals

Good evening!

Not that I ever really have a good reason for sitting around blogging on a Friday night, but tonight the snow is keeping hibernating in my apartment. The roads are terrible and I was going about 35 mph the entire drive home. I’m just glad that I’m back home safe and right now I have absolutely no desire to go anywhere else. It is safe to say that I’m in for the night!

It’s been a pretty typical Friday over here, starting with a workout early this morning (this workout, to be exact), which was followed by my favorite wafflewich for breakfast


and a pear.


I’m running out of things to do at my rotation since I’ve gotten a lot of my projects done already. I only have two assignments left, and both of them are easier to work on at home where I actually have access to the internet on my computer. Honestly, I’m kind of ready to just be done with rotations all together. I get tired of being in pharmacies all the time trying to keep myself busy all day and working on tons of random assignments. What makes it worse is that not only am I not being paid, but I am paying to be there. I guess it’s all part of the process though, and I definitely need all the experience I can get!


After I got done at my rotation for the day, I went and picked up my friend Elly and we headed to Olive Garden to chat and have some dinner. We originally wanted to go to Brann's, but it was all the way on the other side of town and we didn’t want to drive that far with the roads being as bad as the were. No big deal; it’s been a while since I’ve been to Olive Garden anyways Smile.

We both ordered a Strawberry Fresco almost immediately after we sat down.


Yummmm! My favorite drink there for sure.


(I guess I missed a piece when I was curling my hair this morning..)

Our meal started with salad and breadsticks:


And I decided to try the Stuffed Chicken Marsala, with broccoli instead of the mashed potatoes:


(Sorry for the crappy phone pics, but my camera was at home)

I’m currently patting myself on the back for three reasons:

  1. I skipped the side of Ranch that I usually get for my salad/breadsticks
  2. I only ate ONE breadstick, which is a major accomplishment for me (although it was probably because I didn’t have any Ranch to dip them in; they don’t taste as good without it Winking smile)
  3. I didn’t order a huge plate of pasta and leave the restaurant so full that I have to unbutton my jeans in order to breathe

If that’s not a successful dinner out at a restaurant, then I don’t know what is.

Actually, making healthier choices at restaurants is one of the things I am trying to get better at this year. I already mentioned that I want to really focus on the healthy lifestyle this year, and restaurant dining is something that could definitely use some improvement. I always seem to go into the restaurant with a plan (i.e., I am going to order the fish with veggies instead of fries, etc.) but then once I actually open the menu and see something that sounds better (which is usually everything) my plan just gets completely derailed and I end up ordering something greasy and fried.

I am not going to put all this pressure on myself and try to be “perfect” every time I go out to eat because let’s be real: I go out to eat a lot and that’s just not realistic. I am, however, going to do my best to start making some changes and not go completely overboard with calories. I mean, take tonight’s meal for example. I already listed three reasons why it was healthier than what I would normally eat, but I still ordered something that was tasty and that I actually wanted. That stuffed chicken was certainly not the lowest calorie option on the menu, but I wasn’t about to force myself to order something bland and boring that I wouldn’t even enjoy.

Like I’ve said many times before, this is all a huge learning process and it’s something that I’ll be working on for the rest of my life. I just need to keep having nights like tonight (and like last Friday!) and I’ll be on the right track.

Enjoy your evening and I’ll see ya later!


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