Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stuff That Didn’t Make The Blog

I post a lot about my life on the blog, but believe it or not there are actually a lot of things that don’t make it on here. I usually take pictures all day long, but since I only have time to post once a day I often have to pick and choose what I want to post, or else you’d all be bored to death with my essay-length posts.

On that note, there are a lot of random things that happen that I always intend to write about at the time, but they just don’t “fit” with the rest of the post and I end up leaving them off. Therefore, I thought I’d start a new little series where I can share all of those wonderful moments that didn’t make the cut the first time Smile.

You may remember back in October when Eric, his sister, her boyfriend and I went to Cedar Point (you may click here for the video Eric made about our trip). Well, this was actually the second time that Eric and I had gone there together, and the first time we went we had a not-so-pleasant experience at our hotel. A few days after we got back I developed small itchy bumps in random patches on my arms and legs. Well, this was right around the time when that whole bed bug infestation business was all over the news, and not surprisingly the pattern of my bumps resembled that of bed bugs. Ick. *shivers*

You would think after that happened that we would never stay at that hotel again, but being the forgetful, not to mention poor, college students that we are we booked a room there yet again. My mother was horrified when she found this out, and she hates the idea of bed bugs so much that she actually offered to pay for us to stay in another hotel. Unfortunately, when she made this offer it was too late to cancel our reservation so we made it our personal mission to find something wrong with the hotel room so we could stay somewhere else without being charged.

Well, we didn’t have to search for very long! Not long after we started stripping the sheets to check for bed bugs, Chelsey and Kaina discovered a huge pee stain all over their mattress pad. I didn’t snap a picture, but it was totally disgusting. She stormed to the front desk and demanded a refund, and soon we were on the road saying so long to the Econo Lodge for good.


We actually ended up going to three more hotels before we finally found one that was decent, affordable, and didn’t have a “no firearms” sign on the front door (true story).


We stayed at The Hotel Breakers, which is the original Cedar Point hotel, and not only was it bed-bug and pee-stain free, but we also got a discount off our park tickets. I’d definitely stay there again.


Moral of the story: Never stay at the Econo Lodge.

I’m pretty sure that Melissa’s fiance, Nick, thinks that I am a total weirdo. When I was over at their house on New Year's Eve, at one point in the night he got out this weird contraption and proceeded to peel and slice an apple with it.


Don’t get me wrong, this is a pretty cool gadget, but an apple is just not the same without the skin! I told him that he couldn’t just waste it (keep in mind I’d had a few drinks in me at this point…) so he plopped the remains of the apple skin on the counter in front of me and told me to dig in.


Well thanks, don’t mind if I do!


Oh, and for those of you who think I’m bull-shitting you, trust me; I really did eat it. Melissa helped me, too! We thought it went along nicely with all the chocolate Winking smile.

At this moment, if I had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my life, I’m 99% sure it would be Oreo shakes. Guys, I have been hiding my obsession with them from you. I’ve already had two this month, and while they taste amazing, they are certainly not doing anything for my waistline.


Now I’m drooling over that picture and all I can think about is creamy, sugary Oreo goodness. Why did God bless curse me with such a sweet tooth?!


If you had to choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose?


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