Thursday, February 2, 2012

Airport Blogging

So it’s not quite plane blogging, but it’s close enough!


I’m currently chilling in the Detroit Metro Airport (I guess that means I’m technically airport blogging) but by the time you read this I’ll be in Marquette!! There’s sure to be some fun stuff in store for the weekend so I’m pretty stoked.

Obligatory traveling bathroom pic (taking a page from SR's book):


Alright, let’s back track a little bit. My new compounding rotation is awesome! It is definitely the most hands on rotation that I’ve had so far and the days have gone by pretty fast. Usually my days totally drag when I’m on rotation – I seriously can’t wait to graduate and actually get paid to go to work instead of paying to go – but this one is totally different. I go into the compounding lab, suit up in a cap, gown, mask, and gloves and go to town!

The past couple of days I’ve been doing creams, but they’re a little more complicated than the simple ones I do at my retail pharmacy job. Those usually involve involve mixing two or three tubes of creams together in a jar, but at the compounding pharmacy the process is much more complex. It usually involves carefully measuring the drug (typically a powder), combining it with a “wetting agent,” carefully adding and mixing the “cream” part, running it through an electric mortar and pestle (EMP), running it through an ointment mill, and then back through the EMP again. Pretty cool stuff!

My preceptor said that each week I’ll focus on a different type of compound medication. In addition to creams, I’ll also be learning how to make capsules, suspensions, troches, suppositories, and lip balm(!). I’m looking forward to it! Also, everyone at the pharmacy is so nice. It must get really annoying (let’s be honest) training new interns every single month, but they have all been so welcoming and have helped me a lot. My preceptor is really great too, and he actually invited the other student and I out to dinner with the crew last night!

We went to El Barrio, a Mexican restaurant that I’ve been to once before. Plenty of chips, salsa, guacamole and margaritas were consumed:


And for my entre, I went with the grilled avocado tacos.


An excellent choice, indeed!


A little heavy on the onion, but that was easily picked out Smile.

Since I know I’ll be indulging this weekend, I made sure to pack a healthy lunch today:


Oh, and as my friend Josh put it earlier today on Facebook, the new Apple Cinnamon Chobani is on point. I am loving the apple chunks; it almost tastes like dessert!


Well, it’s about time to board the flight. Have a great night everyone!


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