Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dinner With Melissa and a Stairmaster Workout

Good evening!

How’s Fat Tuesday treating ya’ll? I will not be enjoying any paczkis today for two reasons: first of all, I definitely don’t need those calories! Secondly, I had a fun evening with Melissa last night, and we definitely did a little indulging!

Since the last time I saw her was over a month ago when we went wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping, we decided we were long overdue for a little get-together. I drove down to Plainwell (about 30 miles south of Grand Rapids) and met her at her house before we hopped in her car and drove down to Kalamazoo for some dinner.


Our restaurant of choice? Sushiya! We absolutely loved it the first time we went and were both craving sushi, so it was the perfect place. 

We couldn’t resist the Ika Ika Yaki calamari appetizer since it was so delicious last time, so we shared a plate of that to start.


This might be kind of strange, but my favorite pieces of calamari are the pieces with all the “legs” or whatever.


Melissa doesn’t like them so I always eat them all. I know a lot of people get grossed out by them, but I think they taste so good!

Next up was our glorious sushi plate.


My roll contained shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, spicy crab, white sauce and spicy mayo and it was delicious.


However, after trying a bite of Melissa’s I decided hers was better (can’t remember what was in it!) and I think I’ll be ordering that one next time. I always have the hardest time deciding what roll(s) I want because all of them always sound so good! 

While the sushi was amazing as always, dinner was not complete without dessert! We drove over to Cold Stone after for something to tame our sweets cravings. Mint ice cream with Oreo for me:


So worth it.

Of course, just to balance out that little treat up there, I did do a crazy Stairmaster workout yesterday morning that I have to share with you. Of course, the levels should be adjusted to suit your own personal fitness level, as well as the Stairmaster that you are using since levels may be different between models.


This workout was hard, but the time went by fast because I was constantly changing the level. The bolded levels were the high intensity work-as-hard-as-you-can minutes, and they were tough! If the Stairmaster isn’t your thing, this workout can also easily be adapted to a bike, elliptical, or any other cardio machine.

Time to make dinner and catch up on The Bachelor! Have a great night and I’ll see ya tomorrow Smile.


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