Monday, February 20, 2012

Page Updates + Turbo Jam Fat Blaster DVD

Good morning friends!


(V-Day tulips from a good friend)

I’ve had quite the relaxing weekend. I was sick most of last week, and on Friday night I was so exhausted from lack of sleep that I passed out at 9:00 pm and slept until 8:00 am. It. was. awesome. I felt completely rejuvenated after eleven hours of sleep, and boy did I need it!

On Saturday night, I met a couple of friends at Gun Lake Casino in Wayland for a few hours of socializing and watching a whole lot of Roulette. I’m not big into gambling, but I don’t mind going with friends and watching them waste all their money Winking smile.


Side note: why on Earth have they not banned smoking from casinos? I absolutely hate breathing in the nasty fumes and my clothes reek when I get home. Gross.


Moving on to yesterday, I spent the day cleaning, grocery shopping, and updating a couple of pages on the blog. You may have noticed that my “Exercise Log” page has now been changed to “Workouts,” and my “Weight Is Just A Number” page has been changed to “Weigh-Ins.” Well, in addition to my exercise log, the workouts page now includes links to some of my favorite workouts that I’ve posted on the blog, race recaps, and a couple of posts that I’ve written about exercise. For those of you who follow it, my exercise log is also easier to navigate now with page jumps that take you to each month directly. My Weigh-Ins page has been completely revamped and updated with weekly weigh-ins from this year. I also added a new “Photos” page where I included some progress pictures, but this page still needs some work. Be sure to check it out!

I did squeeze in a quick workout yesterday in the form of a new Turbo Jam DVD that I ordered a couple weeks ago.


This workout was awesome! If you’ve ever done any of the Turbo Jam videos or been to a Turbo Kick class, then you are familiar with the “Turbos” portion of the workout where you up the intensity and work as hard as you can for about two minutes or so. Turbos usually consist of lots of fast punches, jumps, squat jumps, runs (in place), and punches and it really gets your heart rate up. Well, this video is basically high intensity interval training for Turbo Jam. It’s all Turbos! The workout includes a warm-up routine followed by four different Turbos. The “rest” interval consists of a low intensity version of the following Turbo where you learn the moves, and the “work” interval consists of actually doing the Turbo at full intensity. The workout flies by and I absolutely loved it.


I made a killer omelette for lunch before my workout.


Extra mushrooms on the side Open-mouthed smile.


And dinner came together in a flash thanks to some prep work I did last week.


When I made the filling for my stuffed peppers last Sunday, I actually cooked the entire package of turkey and mixed the other half of the turkey/mushroom/onion mixture with about half of a jar of pasta sauce. I put it in the freezer to save for a future meal, which happened to be last night’s dinner. All I had to do was boil some whole wheat pasta and roast some green beans and I had a complete meal ready to eat.




I’ve already got the leftovers packed up for lunch today Smile.


Off to rotation, have a great day!


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