Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shopping Success

Good evening!

I briefly mentioned on Saturday that this upcoming weekend is the Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) Annual Convention and Exposition (ACE). I’ve been a member of MPA since my first year of pharmacy school and this year will be my fourth year in a row going to the ACE (you can read about last year’s ACE in this post). One of my favorite parts of the weekend is the banquet and awards ceremony that takes place on Saturday night. Everyone gets all dressed up, enjoys dinner in a giant ballroom, and all of the students get to mingle with the pharmacists. I’ve been looking for a dress for the banquet for weeks now and have had one shopping fail after another, even after hitting up all the stores in both malls in Grand Rapids.


Well, I’m happy to report that last night I finally had a shopping success! While Maurices has always been one of my favorite stores, I usually don’t have much luck in the dress department so I hadn’t thought to look there. Since I had hit up every other store I could think of, I finally made a trip to Maurices after work yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at the dress selection! Not only did I find one dress, but I actually ended up with three potential options. I almost bought two dresses since I have such a hard time finding one when I need it, but I ultimately decided I didn’t like two of them enough to purchase them, while I really loved the third one. Also, in addition to the dress, I also found a few other items to wear this weekend including a great pair of black slacks, a cute top, and a white cardigan to wear over it.


As if I weren’t already excited enough about my finds, I hit the jewelry jackpot when I approached the register. Everything was buy one get one half off (which I’m sure is an ongoing deal but it still ropes me in) and I managed to find four items that I absolutely loved.


Is it weird that I’m even more excited about the convention this weekend now that I have new clothes?

My shopping excursion lasted until after 7:00, so there was no way I was cooking dinner when I got home. Qdoba to the rescue!


That would be a naked (sans tortilla) fajita ranchera burrito with black beans, chicken, corn salsa, a little cheese and a big old blob of guacamole. I love all of the sautéed veggies in this “burrito.”


It was tasty, but a lot bigger than it looks and I actually didn’t finish it all.


This morning, I headed to the gym to complete another NROLFW workout and 15 minutes of HIIT on the Stairmaster. I am five workouts into the NROLFW program and am really liking it so far. I love love LOVE having my workouts already written for me and when I’m only strength training two to three days a week, it motivates me to never skip lifting days (don’t want to throw my body “off balance” or anything, haha). While I haven’t taken any measurements so far, I think I’m going to start taking them at the end of every stage as another way to track my progress.

Speaking of progress, I really need to clean up my diet a little! I’m awesome at tracking my calories all the way up until dinner, and then I just get lazy and don’t do it. I think “oh, I have about 500 left for the day, this is probably about right…” WRONG. I’m pretty sure that dinner + two snacks is more than 500 calories, and it is showing on the scale this week. Gotta get better at that!

Breakfast today was simple


yet healthy and delicious.


You can never go wrong with eggs and fruit!


And dinner was an Italian chicken sausage on a whole wheat bun (aka the worst food in the world to photograph)


Plus a spinach salad with dried cherries, feta, and sunflower seeds.


Have a great night and I’ll see ya in Detroit Open-mouthed smile.


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