Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sniffles, Capsules, and Ruby Tuesday

Someone’s got the sniffles…


And that someone is me Sad smile.

I felt a cold coming on last night when I noticed my nose was running a lot, and by this morning it had progressed to full-on congestion. I’ve been popping the Sudafed all day and took a Zyrtec earlier, but I feel like I’m entering the “drugs can’t help” phase as of the last hour or so. Blaaaaaah.

Despite all of the nose-blowing breaks I had to take today, rotation went well. I am really, really loving this rotation. It is the most hands on rotation that I’ve had yet and I am always busy doing something all day long, which cannot be said about my previous rotations. However, the funny thing is that what I’m doing all day – making compounds – is not actually what the pharmacist does. The pharmacist checks the final prescriptions, answers questions, and writes the formulas, but the pharmacy techs make all the compounds. I’m completely okay with that though because I love making them!


One of the techs snapped this photo of me last week making capsules, which are my favorite thing to make. The student before me absolutely hated them, but I don’t think he gave them a fair chance Winking smile. There’s something about spending a long time working on something (when I make capsules using the 300 count machine it takes me about an hour) and then having a nice, finished product that you can dispense to a patient that just makes you feel proud!


It’s one thing to dump capsules out of a container, count them, slap a label on the bottle and call it good; but it’s completely different when you are actually making the medication yourself. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Alright, enough pharmacy nerd talk. Here are some eats from the day:


Another Greek yogurt protein pancake for breakfast (I’m currently obsessed). This time, with raspberry yogurt and fresh raspberries on top.


Lunch was the standard as of lately.


Ham, spinach, avocado, and a Laughing Cow wedge on a sandwich thin, plus a string cheese and two clementines. Boring, but delicious.

And for dinner I actually met up with my friend Elly at Ruby Tuesday. I ordered one of their salad bar/mini meal combos for my meal.


(Side note: why did Ruby Tuesday take away the cottage cheese at the salad bar?! That was my favorite part Sad smile.)

Mini zucchini cakes (!!) for “meal” part.


They were made with zucchini, bell pepper, and feta and were outstanding!


I ate both of the zucchini cakes, but didn’t touch the fries. I thought about asking for sweet potato fries instead, but opted not to since I knew for a fact that I’d eat every last one and I really don’t need those.


Time for this sick to girl to get some rest! Have a good night Smile.


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