Friday, March 16, 2012

Four Hundred and Ten

That’s how many miles I drove yesterday.


It was a long drive, but somehow I managed to chop off an entire hour of my estimated time. Including my two pit stops, I made it up to Marquette shortly after six hours on the road, which is a lot better than the seven that Mapquest predicted!


(taken at a stoplight, of course Open-mouthed smile)

The first half of the drive actually went by pretty fast. I alternated between listening to my new audio book and listening to music.


(Side note: I originally wanted Hunger Games and actually ordered it last week on Amazon, but, being the genius that I am, I accidently had it shipped to Traverse City. Doh! I ended up stopping at a bookstore on my way out of town and picking this up last minute.)

After crossing the bridge, it was all highway driving (B-O-R-I-N-G!) until I got to Marquette which made time drag by. Luckily, I did have some pretty scenery to look at and got to see a gorgeous a sunset.


I didn’t have much of a dinner because not only was my stomach kind of bothering me, but I was so anxious to just be done driving that I was too impatient to stop for food. I ended up eating a Clif protein bar at around 6:30 when my stomach started grumbling.


Like I said, not much of a meal. I definitely regretted that decision later because I woke up in the middle of the night absolutely starving!

Lunch yesterday was much more substantial, however, and quite delicious as well. I met up with Mindy at Qdoba and we enjoyed our tasty lunches outside (totally loving this warm weather!)

Naked chicken queso burrito for me:


Rice, black beans, chicken, corn salsa, and queso sauce and I also added fajita veggies and guac. Perfection.

Eric and I just got to Iron Mountain a little bit ago (where his parents live)


and he made us a salad for lunch shortly after arriving.


Topped with bacon, of course Winking smile.


It was good, but only filled me up for about ten minutes and now my stomach is already growling again. Time to go scrounge up a snack!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone and I’ll see ya soon with another update Smile. We have some fun plans for the rest of the weekend and I’m pretty stoked about them!


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