Thursday, March 1, 2012

Incline Walking Workout and My Afternoon Off

Good morning!

I have a new workout I want to share with you guys today. Yesterday was a cardio day for me at the gym, and as you all know I get bored pretty quickly when I stay on one machine for too long. Usually 20 minutes (sometimes 25) is the most I can stand it before I can’t take the boredom any longer. Well, to try to make the time go by faster while I was speed walking on the treadmill yesterday, I started playing around the inclines a bunch and ended up with this interval style workout.

20 Minute Incline Walking Workout

This workout made the time fly by since I was changing something every one to two minutes. Also, be sure NOT to hold onto the treadmill while you’re walking! You burn 20 percent fewer calories when you hold onto it (source), and there are a number of other safety reasons why it’s important to let go that you can read about here. If you feel like you need to hold onto the treadmill in order to complete the workout, adjust the speed and/or incline so you don’t have to. Let me know if you try out the workout!


It was absolutely wonderful to have the afternoon off yesterday. I was actually able to make lunch at home for once instead of eating the same old sandwich and yogurt that I pack every day. Lunch was eaten in two parts while watching DVRed episodes of Criminal Minds. Part 1 was a spinach salad with feta, dried cherries, sunflower seeds, and avocado:


Sometimes when I run out of sandwich meat, I pack this salad instead. It tastes SO much better fresh though!


Part 2 was an Amy's Kitchen spinach and feta pocket and an orange.


Apparently it’s been an Amy's kind of week around here!


I spent the rest of the afternoon watching more Criminal Minds, blogging, taking care of some more graduation business, and of course, playing more Words With Friends.


I know, he’s crushing me right now, but I’ll make my come back soon enough. Just wait.

When dinner time rolled around I headed downtown to the new Buffalo Wild Wings that just opened up to meet up with a bunch of the people from the compounding pharmacy. The place just opened up last week and it’s really nice. It’s two stories and on the second floor there’s a balcony with a great view of downtown of Grand Rapids. It will be a great place to hang out in the summer!

I already knew what I was ordering before I even sat down: the pulled pork sandwich!


With the veggie boat instead of fries.

Fun fact: I have eaten at Buffalo Wild Wings numerous times, but I have never once ordered wings. It’s not that I don’t like wings, because obviously I do, I just loved pulled pork more Open-mouthed smile.

I had a really good time at dinner and am going to miss everyone at the pharmacy. I also enjoyed talking with Doug and Jen, two fellow students in my class. Doug was on a different rotation at the same pharmacy last month, and he’s dating Jen so they both came to dinner.


We spent most of the evening talking about how we can’t believe that in a little over three months we are all going to be pharmacists. It still hasn’t hit me yet.

Alright, I’m off to make some breakfast and then it’s Day 1 of my ambulatory care rotation! Have a good day, everyone.


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