Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Rotation and a Weight Loss Bet

Hello, everyone!

Man oh man, these past few days have just been go-go-go! Between working and the snowpocalypse, my weekend was pretty much nonexistent. After work on Sunday, I headed straight back to Grand Rapids where I then had to fold laundry, make my lunch, and get all of my things together for rotation the next day. Yesterday, I went to rotation until about 4:30, and from there went straight to the gym, then straight to the grocery store, then home to make dinner. I was totally exhausted when I walked in the door! The crazy thing is that I know that there are a ton of you out there who have to do this every day, and I seriously commend you. It’s tough! I’ll be relieved when this rotation is over at the end of April because I have a feeling that this schedule is going to pretty tiring.

Speaking of rotations, I just realized that I haven’t told you anything about this one yet! Well, it’s my ambulatory care rotation, and it focuses on the management of family medicine issues.


It takes place at a clinic here in Grand Rapids and is two months long. While I’m on this rotation I will be interviewing, counseling, and managing the therapy of some of the patients that we see there. The ambulatory care rotation focuses on the main disease states seen in family practice, which include hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, asthma/COPD, and anticoagulation. It’s been going well so far, and soon I think I’ll be seeing patients by myself and documenting their medication histories in their charts. Pretty cool!

The downside to this rotation is ALL THE TEMPTING FOOD. There are a number of fast food restaurants connected right to the building, not to mention the same pizza and ice cream that I was tempted with last summer and a huge candy drawer at the nurses’ station that is always stocked. I feel like every day is my own personal Biggest Loser Temptation Challenge. Luckily, I’ve been doing good so far and haven’t given in to anything yet. I still bring my lunch every day, which I think is crucial to making smart choices. Today I enjoyed a leftover veggie burger plus some sweet potato fries that my wonderful mother sent me back to Grand Rapids with.


(This was all doused in ketchup after the photo was taken)

Check out the view I get to enjoy while I eat lunch:


Not too shabby!

So, while we’re on the topic of self control, it’s more important than ever that I find some willpower because on Sunday I actually made a weight loss bet with Eric’s dad! He wants to lose about 20 pounds, and obviously so do I, so the first one to do it owes the other one dinner up to $100 a plate (his idea). At first, I thought about negotiating the amount because that’s quite a bit of money, but I figured the higher the stakes, the more likely I am to work my tail off Winking smile. To win the bet, I need to get down to 160 pounds before he gets to 180. The pressure is definitely on!

Dinner came together in a flash last night thanks to some pre-sliced veggies that I prepped last week:


Side note: I highly recommend chopping veggies ahead of time. It saves so much time and makes you much more motivated to cook when the most annoying part of cooking (in my opinion) is already done.

I sautéed the red bell pepper and onion and then topped an Italian chicken sausage with some of the onion and served it alongside the rest of the veggies and an orange.


The chicken sausage was good


but I actually wasn’t feeling the rest of the veggies. They just tasted “off.” I ended up leaving them and just eating the orange.


Okay, time to get to the clinic! I hope you all have a wonderful day Smile.


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