Saturday, March 17, 2012

Piers Gorge and a Seafood Feast

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


I may only be a quarter Irish, but I still love putting on a green shirt every year, drinking Shamrock shakes, and celebrating this little holiday Open-mouthed smile. I’m excited for our fun plans tonight!

Alright, so let’s back up to yesterday, shall we? After arriving in Iron Mountain, Eric and I decided to enjoy the nice weather outdoors so we drove up to Piers Gorge for a little hiking!


There were a few spots where the snow has not completely melted, but they were mostly just at the beginning of the trail so it wasn’t a big deal.


Once we got past those areas, it was smooth sailing.


After doing a little trekking through the woods, we eventually got to the rapids!


I’ve actually been to Piers Gorge once before about three years ago. I came to visit Eric in Iron Mountain in the summer of 2009, and it was pretty neat to see the rapids now compared to how they were in the summer. The last time I was here, the water level was so low that we were hopping around on the rocks in the river, and look at it now!


Absolutely gorgeous.


We stopped for a bit to take some pictures, of course.



(The smarty above forgot his tennis shoes..whoops!)


It’s weird because the last time I was here, I remember I was actually nervous about going hiking because I was worried that I was going to have a hard time keeping up since I was so out of shape. These days, I love being outside and I look forward to doing things like this.


It was a relatively short hike – we were only out there for about an hour or so – but still a good time. So glad we went!


After arriving back at the house, we got cleaned up and ready for a FEAST that his parents were cooking up for dinner. We were joined by Eric’s sister, Chelsey, and her fiancé (as of Tuesday!!), Kaina. (You may remember them from my last trip to Marquette or when the four of us went to Cedar Point).


I am SO happy for the two of them and I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of her ring because it’s gorgeous! I’ll have to remember to do that tonight.


The four of chilled and the back porch and enjoyed a beer while we chatted about our plans for tonight.


Soon enough, dinner was served. Check out the spread!!


Eric’s parents prepared us a number of dishes, including lobster lobster tail and shrimp


Steak and mushrooms


Plus garlic bread, salad, and vegetables. I had some of everything!


Everything tasted amazing and I went back for more of the lobster, shrimp, and mushrooms.


Alright, as if I wasn’t already spoiled with last night’s dinner, lunch is about to be served and I heard crab cakes are on the menu! YUM!!

Have a wonderful St. Patty’s Day and I’ll catch ya later with a recap of tonight’s festivities!!


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