Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Survey Style WIAW

Happy Hump Day my friends!

I don’t know about you, but I am pumped that the week is already half way over. However, I’m also a little biased because this weekend I am going up to Marquette to hang out with this guy:


And I’m just a little excited Winking smile. I’m leaving tomorrow night after work – unfortunately I’m not flying this time; gotta suck it up and make the 7 hour drive – and I’ll be there until Sunday. We have some major Saint Patty’s Day plans on Saturday thanks to his sister, Chelsey, and I’m really looking forward to them. However, I gotta get through two more work days first, so hopefully they go by fast!

I didn’t really feel like doing a standard WIAW post today, so instead I decided to do this lovely survey that’s been floating around the blog world. However, some of the questions do cover yesterday’s eats, so I’m still calling it a WIAW post.


A-Z Survey

A is for age: 23...and I’m likin’ it so far! 23 is a big year for me – I’m graduating pharmacy school in a couple of months and soon I’ll be getting my own place and finally functioning like a normal adult. I’m so excited!

B is for breakfast today yesterday: Nothing too exciting today – fast and simple was the name of the game!


Just a couple pieces of Ezikiel toast and some Greek yogurt with a baked apple.


C is for currently craving: An Oreo shake from Smashburger! I’ve been thinking about it all day…

D is for dinner tonight: I will probably finish off the rest of my chicken salad tonight, but I wasn’t in a chicken salad kind of mood last night and ended up just grazing on random things. The bulk of it consisted of a salad


(greens, feta, dried cherries, avocado, and chopped walnuts)

and eggs on an English muffin.


E is for favorite type of exercise: Biking! After I graduate I really want to purchase a road bike and possibly join a cycling team when I move back to Traverse City. I enjoy it so much more than running and really look forward to riding, so it’s something that I want to get more serious about!


F is for an irrational fear: Oooh boy…I’ve got quite a list.

  • Feet
  • Parrots
  • Zombies
  • Eyes (people touching them)
  • Rubber bands being flicked at me

Eric actually drew this picture once illustrating all of my fears. It’s pretty good I must say.

G is for gross food: Would you believe me if I said I had to come back to this question because I couldn’t think of a food I didn’t like? I finally remembered something though – and please don’t hate me – but mashed potatoes (unless they are mashed sweet potatoes). Even worse than mashed potatoes – gravy! I just can’t stand the thought of “meat juice” coating my food. Yuck.

H is for hometown: Traverse City! I love it and I can’t wait to move back soon.

I is for something important: Everyone and everything in my life is important Smile.

J is for current favorite jam: “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” by Kelly Clarkson is one of my favorite songs right now. It always pumps me up and puts me in a good mood when I’m upset about something.

K is for kids: Someday! Gotta graduate, find a guy and get married first Winking smile.

L is for current location: In my apartment in Grand Rapids!

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Last night I ordered some protein powder online since I’m just about out. I’m trying this new kind that a reader recommended – Dymatize ISO-100. It has no fat and hardly any carbs and has gotten great reviews regarding taste – I can’t wait to try it!



N is for something you need: I need to start getting to bed earlier so I don’t wake up exhausted every day!

O is for occupation: Pharmacy student! (Soon to be pharmacist in about ~3 months Open-mouthed smile)

P is for pet peeve: How I can never think of my pet peeves when I’m filling out these darn surveys!

Q is for a quote: If nothing changes then nothing will change.

R is for random fact about you: After over 400 blog posts, it gets a little tough to think of a random fact that you guys don’t already know! However, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the fact that I skipped a grade, sort of. I actually moved up to the third grade in the middle of my second grade year, so I did half  a year of each!

S is for favorite healthy snack: Larabars! I also love Chobani Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and berries, fruit, mixed nuts, and Oh Yeah! protein bars.  

T is for favorite treat: Please don’t make me choose just one! Although I do have a bit of a love affair with sundaes and Oreo shakes (and cake, cookies, and brownies…).


U is for something that makes you unique: I’m very outgoing and always want to be friends with everyone. I hate when someone doesn’t like me and I don’t like being in fights with people – I’m extremely forgiving!

V is for favorite vegetable: No doubt about it – sweet potatoes!

W is for today’s workout: I decided to sleep in today – I don’t want to be too tired on my drive tomorrow – so I haven’t worked out yet, but I am planning on doing NROLFW 1A after work today.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: My foot a few years back when I tripped over myself and broke it (true story). I had to wear a silly boot for months!

GC and CMG

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Visiting a local rescue center and playing with some of the adorable kitties. My parents are looking for a second cat and they sent me off to meet one that they saw online. Unfortunately, he’s not what they are looking for but I could have stayed there all day playing with the cats. I love them!

Z is for your time zone: Never been asked this on a survey before, but Eastern!


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