Friday, April 6, 2012

Badminton and Climbing Up Pine Mountain

Good morning and happy Friday!

I’m having a great time up north so far – it’s turning out to be quite the active weekend! Yesterday after relaxing for a bit in the afternoon, we set up Eric’s badminton net so we could play a few non-pressure games.


Alright, technically it was a volleyball net, but we couldn’t find the badminton one and this worked just fine. We kept it lower to the ground and just tried to avoid sending it through the net, although that was bound to happen at least a few times.


I’m usually terrible at sports, and while I was by no means good at badminton, I really enjoyed it once I got the hang of it. It took a little bit for me to get used to serving – I use my whole arm instead of just my wrist and have a bad habit of sending the birdie flying to the middle of nowhere – but once I got more comfortable with that it got better. I want to play again before I leave!


(Do I look cool with my racket? That was the look I was going for Winking smile)

Determined to make up for all of the calories that we’ll be consuming this weekend, we continued the outdoor activities this morning went to Pine Mountain to climb up the 400-and something steps to the top. They hold the annual Pine Mountain ski jumping event here every February, so it’s a steep hill that overlooks the whole town.


It’s hard to see in that picture, but there were a lot of stairs!


I’ve actually been up these stairs before when I came to Iron Mountain three years ago. I was 250 pounds, and climbing up them seemed like an insurmountable task at the time. I had to stop quite a few times and Eric had to wait for me, but eventually I made it to the top and I was so proud of myself. This time, while it was still tough, I didn’t have to stop at all and I kept pace with Eric the whole time. We were both huffin’ and puffin’ when we got to the top, but it felt awesome!


The view was incredible!


There was a lookout that you could walk onto at the top, and I’m not gonna lie – it was kind of scary being up on that thing.


Still fun though Open-mouthed smile.


As usual, the food has been delicious as well! Last night Eric’s mom made us a wonderful dinner consisting of bow tie pasta with alfredo sauce, chicken, and veggies.


Plus salad on the side.


This morning Eric made us French toast for breakfast (I had one piece along with a cup of Chobani Greek yogurt) and we’re about to go make some turkey wraps for lunch Open-mouthed smile.

Have a great day, everyone!


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