Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My First Easter Egg Dying Experience

Why hello Blog World, nice to see you again Open-mouthed smile.

I returned home from my trip late on Sunday evening, and last night I got tied up with some things so I haven’t had a chance to blog yet. It’s only been a few days, but still seems like forever, haha. Anyways, I guess I owe you guys a recap from the rest of my weekend, so let’s get to it!

After touring Hedmark's Maple Ridge on Saturday morning and enjoying our tasty pancake brunch, we came home for my first Easter egg dying experience!


Our crew included Eric, his mom, his sister Chelsey and her fiancĂ©, Kaina, and Kaina’s sister and nephew.



They were all quite taken aback when they found out that I have never actually dyed Easter eggs before. I’ve been on plenty of Easter egg hunts in my life, but dying eggs was just never something my family did growing up. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m willing to bet it has something to do with my mom’s OCD about keeping the house clean and the potential mess that could result Winking smile. Needless to say, Eric’s mom didn’t waste any time getting to work and teaching me the art of the egg-dying process.


It’s pretty straight-forward Winking smile. Mix dye with vinegar and water, dip egg, and repeat.


His mom also taught me how to add little designs that came with the egg kit. I know, pretty crazy stuff!


I may or may not have dropped one or two eggs into the dye bowls..

Are you really surprised?

Everyone had a great time, but I think that most of the entertainment was provided by this little guy:


Kaina’s nephew, Torrin, was the cutest little boy ever, and we all had fun watching him attempt to dye eggs. Really, he just sat on Chelsey’s lap and banged his hands on the table while she did the decorating for him, but same thing Smile.

After we were done dying eggs, Eric, Chelsey, Kaina and I played a game of Badminton before heading inside for Easter dinner. We ended up eating it on Saturday instead of Sunday because Chelsey and Kaina had to drive back to Marquette and we wanted to be able to celebrate with them.

Eric’s mom prepared a delicious meal of bacon wrapped chicken, cheesy potato casserole, salad, green beans, and rolls and everything was outstanding.


I went back for seconds of the potatoes – they were easily my favorite part of the meal!

The rest of our evening was pretty low key. Kaina and Chelsey headed back to Marquette and Eric, his mom and I watched “I Bought A Zoo” while enjoying a couple glasses of vino. Perfect.


On Sunday morning we went to church and then Eric quickly grilled up some sausages and corn for us to enjoy for lunch, along with some leftover potato casserole.




The sausages were excellent and I went back for another.

As soon as we were done eating it was time for me to get on the road and make the long drive back to Grand Rapids. I collapsed in bed almost immediately after getting home, and was up bright and early for rotation the next day. Why do weekends always go so fast but the weekdays always seem to crawl by??


Have a wonderful day Smile


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