Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not So Broken Blood Vessel

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday something weird happened to me at the gym. I’m just finishing up the final workouts of NROLFW Stage 1, so right now the reps are the lowest they’ve ever been – which means that the weight is the heaviest. In other words, they’ve got me working hard! Well, while I was doing my third and final set of lat pulldowns I suddenly got a sharp pain in my inner right elbow. I ignored it at first and tried to push through the last few reps, but it was really hurting and I didn’t want to injure myself so I stopped doing the exercise and moved on to lunges. I didn’t think too much of the elbow pain until I picked up the dumbbells and it started again. Then I looked down at my elbow and saw that one of the veins was bulging out, and it totally freaked me out! At first I thought I had broken a blood vessel, but there was no bruising and there actually still isn’t. Here’s what it looks like now, compared to my left (normal) elbow:


It’s just a little bulge, but it’s still weird! For now I’m just going to call it my “not so broken blood vessel,” haha. I’m not doing any more upper body strength training for at least a few days, so hopefully that gives it time to “heal,” or whatever it is it has to do Winking smile. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Let me know if you figured out what the heck happened!


Moving onto more exciting things, after rotation yesterday Melissa joined me downtown for some sushi! Even though I just ate there last week, I love XO Asian Cuisine so much that I had no problem eating there again and I actually suggested the place.


It was so nice outside!


As gorgeous as the weather was, we were both starving so we busted it instead to get some sushi in our bellies. I wish I could tell you that I branched out and tried something different, but I stuck to my favorite order.

Wonton soup for both of us


with an Amazing Roll for me


(A piece fell over before I got the picture – oh no!)

and a Green Dragon roll for Melissa.


I love this roll too and it actually used to be my favorite, but I’ve moved onto better and spicier things Winking smile.

After we finished our rolls we chatted for a bit before we realized that we were both still kind of hungry, so we decided to split a third roll. This time we went for the spider roll:


But unfortunately it was disappointing. While it was pretty, the flavor wasn’t all there and the pieces fell apart way to easily while I was trying to eat it.


Sushi fail!

Shortly after our spider roll arrived, Melissa got a call from her fiancé saying that was off work and was hungry, so we invited him to join us. Even though we had already finished eating, it was still fun to hang out with Nick and chat for a while!


But then again, any night that I get to see this girl is a good night Open-mouthed smile.



I’ve got lots to do at rotation today, then I’ve got to pack for my trip this weekend! Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


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