Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Last Day in Madison

Hello! Time to recap the rest of my fun weekend in Madison!

The three of us woke up incredibly tired on Saturday morning, but we were all starving so the first order of business was to get some breakfast into our bellies. Usually when I drink I end up eating a lot of junk because my inhibitions are down and I stop caring, but on Friday I kept things under control and actually didn’t eat anything the rest of the night once dinner was over *pats self on back*. As a result, I woke up completely famished so all I could think about was finding a place to get food!

We scoped out some local options for brunch and decided on The Coopers Tavern, which was a short walk from our hotel. Our walk took us through downtown Madison past the capitol building and through a farmers market. It was quite the busy Saturday morning in Madison!


The restaurant itself was a locally owned establishment with a variety of menu options to choose from featuring local and organic ingredients. That’s always a sign that the food is going to be good Smile.


I knew exactly what I wanted the second I opened the menu and saw Eggs Benedict right at the top.


The two poached eggs were served atop a homemade English muffin with a slice of Canadian bacon and a homemade sauce similar to hollandaise, but with a slightly different flavor. I also asked for fruit instead of the potatoes that it normally comes with, but was was quite disappointed with the sad looking fruit plate that I was served.


$1.00 extra charge for a strawberry, four blackberries, and a bite of pineapple? Not cool. Luckily the eggs were so filling that I really didn’t have much room left for fruit anyway, but it still bugged me that I got totally gipped.

After breakfast we went back to the hotel and took a much needed nap before getting ready for the second session at 12:30. We had a lot to cover during that session and it lasted five hours! The reason that the meeting last so long was because the fraternity recently realigned the provinces so we had a lot of business to discuss pertaining to that. Basically, a “province” is a region in the country of Kappa Psi chapters, and now those regions have been realigned and divided into different areas so there will be a slightly different mix of chapters in each province now. The chapters of Province V (our province) will now be separated into four different provinces, which is kind of sad because it means that some of our good friends will no longer be part of our province.

After all the province talk, I was more than ready to get up and stretch my legs by the time 5:30 rolled around and the session was over. Besides that, I was excited to get ready for the final banquet! Banquets are always my favorite part of conferences because it’s fun to get dressed up, socialize with everyone, and of course eat! Open-mouthed smile

Before the banquet, we attended a small reception for pharmacy students who are graduating this year as well as the graduate brothers (those who have already graduated).






All you need in life Winking smile.

After the graduate reception we headed to the banquet hall for dinner.


Eric and his flower girls:


The food:


I had the vegetarian entrĂ©e, which was some kind of baked pastry full of vegetables, with mashed potatoes and more veggies on the side. I usually order the vegetarian choice at conferences because I’m never happy with the chicken dish for one reason or another. In my experience, they are usually either too dry or too bland, but the vegetarian option always looks appetizing.

Oh, and the dessert! Check out this cupcake display:


Aimee and I split a chocolate Nutella cupcake and a vanilla buttercream cupcake and both were delicious. I can proudly say that I stopped at that, no seconds on dessert for me! A big accomplishment of the night Smile.

When we finished eating it was time for the awards ceremony, where Aimee was in charge of presenting numerous awards since she is currently the vice president of our province. She announced the awards winners, Eric handed her the plaques, and I took pictures. Great system!



By the time the award ceremony was over, the three of us were so exhausted that we knew we would not be able to go out again without a quick power nap. We went up to our room and accidently slept until 10:00 pm! We were still so tired at that time but there was no way we were going to spend the last night of our final Province V Assembly sleeping, so we got ourselves ready for one last night out with our Kappa Psi brothers.

Awake and ready to hit the town!


Our friend Nick form the Delta Nu chapter also wanted in on the photo action with Aimee and I Smile.


After another crowded shuttle ride


(hahaWinking smile)

we arrived at a fun night club where the chapter had reserved a VIP room for us. We enjoyed our last night in Madison dancing away and enjoying good times with our friends. Great way to end the weekend and the last Province V assembly! Not only was it the last Province V assembly, but it’s the last Kappa Psi assembly that Eric, Aimee and I will attend as collegiates. I know I say this all the time, but I still cannot believe that we’re graduating in less than two weeks. These past four years of pharmacy school have gone by so fast and I’ve made so many memories with these amazing people. I’m so grateful to have found Kappa Psi – it introduced me to the wonderful people that I now consider family and it changed my pharmacy school experience for the better. I’m really going to miss everyone!

Gosh, do I really have to grow up? I’d be perfectly okay staying this age forever. Open-mouthed smile.


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