Sunday, April 22, 2012

Province V Spring Assembly 2012

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great weekend – mine has been fantastic. I just got back from our Kappa Psi Province V spring assembly in Madison, WI and it was so much fun!

After spending the morning eating breakfast, going to the gym (spin workout for me), and relaxing a bit, Aimee and I left for Madison at around noon on Friday. On our way out of town we made a quick stop at Subway for some lunch.


This is my favorite Subway sandwich – sliced chicken, pepper jack cheese, spinach, cucumbers, green bell pepper and chipotle sauce on flatbread. Unfortunately the sauce is not one of their low fat choices and packs a bit of a caloric punch (Lose It! app says 100 for a 6-inch sandwich serving), but the entire sandwich comes in 465 calories and I’m okay with that.

With apple slices:


We arrived in Madison shortly after 4:00 – much later than expected thanks to annoying Chicago traffic, but we were still early so it wasn’t a big deal. We checked in to the hotel, picked up our registration packets for the assembly, and got settled into our room. Oh, speaking of our room, Eric made a bit of an oops when he booked it…


One bed for all three of us? Nice job, Eric. Good thing we’re all close friends Winking smile.

Since Eric didn’t arrive until later that evening (he drove separately from Marquette), Aimee and I got ready and then went downstairs for the opening session at 5:00.


The session was short and sweet – just a quick welcome to everyone, a few chapter reports, the plan for the weekend, and some announcements. By the time it was over Eric had arrived so we all went back up to our hotel room and got to work celebrating our last collegiate Province meeting together.


Wine for the ladies:


And Eric brought beer for himself, which went unpictured because I was a little too focused on my own beverage Winking smile. It’s been so long since the three of us have hung out like that and we had so much fun hanging out and reminiscing about fun times we’ve had at previous Province meetings.


After a couple of drinks we went back downstairs to enjoy a buffet-style dinner that the hosting chapter had arranged for us.


I was starving by this time and loaded my plate up with salad, tortellini, chicken, sausage, veggies, and garlic bread and just about cleaned my plate. It was tasty!


When dinner was over we went back to our room for another glass of wine before joining up with some our friends from the Delta Nu chapter from Chicago. The hosting chapter arranged for everyone to go out to Essen Haus, a German restaurant and bar in downtown Madison, so that was our plan for the night. After catching up with the Delta Nu brothers for a while, we all crammed into one of the hotel vans that was shuttling people to and from the bar.


It was a tight squeeze, but a fun ride! Luckily the bar was only about a mile away, but that would have been a chilly walk so we had no problem cramming into the van together.

As usual, once we arrived at the bar the camera pretty much went away for the rest of the night, but I did get one picture of us:


We stayed at Essen Haus until final call and I had such a blast the whole time! I met some really cool people from other chapters and I had so much fun socializing with everyone. I love Kappa Psi conferences because you already have at least two things in common with everyone you meet – pharmacy and of course, Kappa Psi! It’s nice because everyone is so friendly and you always have something to talk about. All in all an amazing first night in Madison!

Since I don’t want to turn this post into a novel, I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap from Saturday’s shenanigans!

Have a wonderful day Smile.


Previous Province V assemblies:


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