Monday, April 2, 2012

An Uneventful Sunday

Just like that, another weekend has come and gone!

Normally I’d be all sorts of blah because of the fact that it’s Monday, but I really have no right to complain because I have an ultra short week this week! Ferris always gives students the Thursday and Friday before Easter Sunday off, so I get a four day weekend Open-mouthed smile. The next three days are actually going to be quite hectic, as I have a few assignment deadlines coming up with my rotation and some other plans tossed into the mix as well. Then on Wednesday I’m leaving straight after work to drive up to Iron Mountain to hang out with Eric for my long weekend. My family is actually not celebrating Easter until next Sunday, so it worked out well because now I can take advantage of my long break and spend some time with my good pal!

Alright, let’s back track to yesterday. I’ll be honest – I really did hardly anything all day long. Sometimes ya just need days like that, ya know? I woke up and made a hearty breakfast to get my day started.


Two eggs, a big slice of multi-grain toast and an apple. One of the things I’ve been sacrificing in order to get my workouts done in the morning before rotation is the time that I usually devote to making and sitting down to a tasty breakfast. As a result, I usually make a yogurt mess with cereal the night before and take it to work with me, but I must say that I have really been missing eating eggs in the morning!


Also, that toast up there is some of the best bread I’ve ever had. It’s made by Bay Bread in Traverse City and I look forward to it every time I go home. Won’t be long until I get to enjoy it every day Winking smile.

After breakfast and blogging, I headed down to my parents’ basement to get my workout on. I’ve had this Turbo Jam DVD on my shelf for a while but I haven’t tried it yet because I love my Fat Blaster DVD so much, but I finally decided to give it a try.


The verdict? I loved it! It was a little different than the other Turbo Jam DVDs in the sense that it wasn’t so “dancey” and focused more on the fitness moves. I felt like I was getting a really great workout the entire time, where on some of the other DVDs there are certain “routines” that I get bored with and can tell that I’m not getting my heart rate up.


I really want to try the Turbo Fire DVDs; has anyone else tried them? How do they compare to Turbo Jam?

After my workout I had a cup of Greek yogurt before heading to the store to pick up some items to make my favorite salad. My parents were out of spinach – oh the horror – so I made sure to quickly remedy that.


Spinach, feta, avocado, dried cherries and sunflower seeds.


Yep, same old same old. It never gets old Open-mouthed smile.


I spent the afternoon running a few errands and then my mom made us an early dinner of her easy white chicken chili and corn bread. Then it was time to drive back to Grand Rapids! I hate how quickly the weekends go by.

Alright, time to head out! I have to be really productive at rotation these last few weeks. We’re in the home stretch, but I have a lot of assignments coming up that I’ve been procrastinating on so I’ve got to get moving. Have a wonderful day my friends Smile.


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