Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adado Riverfront Park and River Trail System

Hello, my friends!

I have been loving the weather here in Lansing the last couple of days. On Saturday it rained all day (not complaining though – perfect excuse to go to the movies), but ever since Sunday it’s been sunny and warm. Since we’ve been doing our workouts indoors at the gym, I’ve been looking for ways to get us outside to take advantage of the nice weather. Yesterday while browsing the internet for nearby places where we might be able to go hiking, I came across this list of “hiking” trails in Lansing. I put hiking in quotations because the list seemed to contain mostly parks with lots of paved trails, but I was perfectly fine with that. We’ll get our share of hiking in Traverse City, anyways.

The first place on the list was the Adado Riverfront Park and River Trail System. The description said that the park was very large with lots of open spaces and that it was bisected by the Grand River, which is Michigan’s largest river. It also stated that the walkway was a scenic eight miles that wove through “beautiful parks, historic sites, urban activity centers and the Planet Walk.” It sounded like the perfect way to spend our afternoon! After punching in the address to our GPS, we were on our way to Riverfront Park.


The drive over took us through downtown Lansing and we spotted lots of places that we want to check out at some point while Eric still lives here. Lots of restaurants, a couple of bars, and some shops that I want to browse through!

The trail itself was beautiful! I loved the gorgeous views of the river.


Eric and I both commented that this park would be a great place to go for a run. With the pretty scenery and flat, paved trail, it’d be perfect!


There were lots of spots to step off the trail and sit down by the river.



Such a perfect day for a walk!


The park also had a couple of neat sculptures that were fun to look at.


When we were done exploring the park we continued on the trail and were eventually led to the “Planet Walk.” It starts at the children’s museum and is basically just a series of displays about each planet that are spaced out on the trail (no pun intended, haha) according to scale.


This was a very pretty and scenic walk and it was fun to stop every now and then and read about the different planets – though the information was clearly geared towards kids.


The Planet Walk was about two miles along but we didn’t make it to the end because we had already walked quite a bit and were ready to head home for dinner. All together, we walked for about an hour an a half and I would guess that we covered around four or five miles. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

Dinner was quick and easy, but a favorite of ours.




Totally hit the spot Open-mouthed smile.

This morning we went to the gym and hit the pool again. I did much better with my breathing today! I can now successfully do the breaststroke with my head completely submerged underwater Smile. In fact, we each swam half of a mile! It was not easy though and we both left the pool completely exhausted.

I just finished packing up my things and I’m about to get on the road for Cedar Point where I’m meeting up with my friend Jenny. It’s been a fun weekend here in Lansing and I’m going to miss Eric, but I’ll be seeing him next weekend when he comes to Traverse City for Memorial Day Open-mouthed smile. Yay!


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