Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cooking Disaster


Last night, Eric had big plans to cook us dinner at home. He had recently seen a chicken recipe on Food Network and was excited to try to recreate it. Everything was going fine until he opened up the oven to check on the chicken and discovered this…


Melted plastic chicken, anyone?

Yes, last night Eric learned that plastic lids to not belong in hot ovens. He’s got some mad skills in the kitchen but apparently still has a thing or two to learn about cookware Winking smile.


To top it off, before we discovered the chicken a la plastic baking away in the oven, he had accidently broke the container of Italian seasoning (twice) and of course it went flying all over the kitchen floor.


I actually felt really bad for him because he had already made a salad and a special sauce to go with the chicken and he looked so sad when he found out the chicken was ruined. We decided that he’d had enough for one night so I took him to Applebee’s for dinner and he’s going to attempt to cook again tonight Open-mouthed smile.


Turns out a tall beer is all it takes to cheer a guy up Winking smile.

Strawberry mango margarita for me!


We got the 2 for $20 deal and chose the spinach and artichoke dip for our appetizer


and I ordered the fiesta lime chicken for my main meal.


The chicken was very good and I ate the entire piece along with some of the tortilla strips (I left the majority of them along with the rice – I’ve never really been a fan of restaurant rice unless it’s fried Winking smile).

Today we’ve pretty much just been chilling around the apartment. It was a rest day (which I’m thankful for because man am I sore after yesterday’s workout) but I’m looking forward to waking up and getting in a quality workout tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the rest of your night and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you mom’s out there!!


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