Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting Busy


I hope you’re all having a great week so far. Over in these parts, it’s back to early morning workouts (from my parent’s basement for now)


packed lunches


(the usual sandwich, Chobani Greek yogurt, and fruit)

and long days at the pharmacy. It’s so nice to actually be getting paid to work instead of paying like I have been for the last nine months while I was on rotations. I can’t wait until I can start making payments on my student loans – it makes me sick to think about how much money I owe. I’d love to get them paid off in five years, but if I get a place of my own sooner rather than later I’m not sure if that will be a possibility. We’ll see how things unfold!

However, living at home does have it’s perks – like unlimited access to my mom’s fully stocked kitchen. I’ve really been into eggs and toast lately for breakfast, and she buys the best bread from Oryana that’s made locally at Bay Bread


Two pieces of lightly buttered toast + two fried eggs = perfection. Such a delicious and filling breakfast!


Even better than delicious bread? Coming home every night to dinner on the table! Oh yes, I’m spoiled Winking smile.


Last night my mom made orange glazed chicken, wild rice, and sweet potatoes that she just warmed in the microwave.


As much as I love sweet potatoes, I think my favorite part of this meal was the wild rice! She cooked it with half water and have vegetable broth, which gave the rice a ton of flavor. I am definitely going to keep this trick in mind the next time I make rice!

So, these next few days are about to get super busy. In fact, I’m actually about to hit the road for Grand Rapids right now. I have training for work all day and then I’m going to meet up with Eric and hang out with him for the night. Thursday morning I’ll be leaving GR bright and early to come straight back to Traverse City for work all day, and then on Friday night after work I’m driving back down to Grand Rapids to take care of a couple odds and ends at the old apartment. Gosh, it feels like I just moved there yesterday!


On Saturday I’ll be heading to Lansing to spend the rest of the weekend there and check out Eric’s new apartment, and on Tuesday I’m driving south to meet up with my friend Jenny (who lives in Virginia) and hang out with her for a few days. I’ve actually been pretty swamped ever since graduation on Friday, which is why posting has been a bit scattered. I’m having a blast right now, but I really can’t wait until I get into a groove and have a more steady schedule like I did last summer!

Alright, time to head out! Have a great day and I’ll catch ya later Smile.


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