Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Pharmacy School Graduation (With Videos!)

Greetings, friends!

Thank you all so much for your congratulations on my graduation! Friday was such a fun day full celebrating with friends and family. Actually, this whole weekend has been one big celebration!

Friday morning after packing as much stuff from the apartment as I could fit into my car, I followed Eric in his car up to Big Rapids to meet up with our respective families before the hooding ceremony. My grandma from Arizona is staying with us for the next few weeks and I was I was so excited that she could make it to my graduation.


Joining her were my mom, dad, sister, and aunt. So happy they all made the drive from Traverse City!


We chatted and I visited with my fellow graduates for a bit before heading into the auditorium to receive my doctoral hood!

My dad didn’t take a picture of me because he was too busy filming it! Here’s the video if you’re interested Open-mouthed smile.

After the hooding ceremony, Eric, Aimee and I took our families to the Kappa Psi house to hang out before dinner and to take care of a little something special that the three of us planned.


If you’ve been reading for a long time, then you know that the three of us are pretty tight and have been best friends since we all started pharmacy school together four years ago. Well, even though Eric and I will be staying in Michigan (he got a residency in Lansing), Aimee is moving to Phoenix (so sad, but happy because she scored her dream residency) and it will be a while until the three of us are reunited. To cap off our amazing four years together and to ensure that we WILL meet again, we decided to bury a time capsule full of memories from of the good times we’ve had over the past four years.


We used a large thermos as the capsule and filled it with letters, pictures, a slideshow on a DVD, and a mix of our favorite songs and buried it behind the Kappa Psi house. We plan on digging it up in five years to look back on everything and remember the good old days Smile. Here’s a video of each of us taking a turn shoveling the dirt on top. We were instructed to pose for a photograph after picking up the shovel, which is why we look so awkward – haha.

It sounds totally cheesy, but it was so special to have all of our families there sharing this moment with us. They all know how close we are and they all seemed pretty excited about our idea. It was also nice to have so many people around taking pictures – for once I actually got the day off Winking smile.



By the way, thank you all for the compliments on my hair! I got new auburn low lights with a few blonde high lights and I love it! It’s fun and sassy and I’ve gotten a lot of comments since I got it done on Thursday.

After the burying of our time capsule, we all went to Bennigan’s for a late lunch/early dinner before the actual graduation ceremony. I wish I would have asked the waitress to take a picture of our table – there were 18 of us!!

I enjoyed a Caesar salad for an appetizer


and ordered the spicy chipotle burger with sweet potato fries for my main meal.


I was pretty disappointed with the burger, but dessert more than made up for it.


Holy s’mores sundae. This was outstanding. Definitely on my list of top 5 restaurant desserts. I would order this again in a heartbeat!

By the time we were done eating it was time to head over to the sports arena for the graduation ceremony!


Do ya see me??

The announcements and speeches went by pretty quickly (in my opinion) and it wasn’t long before I was walking across that stage getting my diploma!


Thank you to Eric’s parents for the above photo!


Officially Doctors of Pharmacy!

We are all thrilled to be done, but I still don’t think it’s hit me that I’m done with school forever. The only thing standing between me and checking those scripts are the board exams – crazy!!

I joined Eric’s family for some celebratory drinks after the ceremony, which was a ton of fun! I spent a long time chatting with his dad about all kinds of things, including my finances. He’s already started to tell me about the importance of saving and went into a bunch of details about taxes and 401K’s and it’s got me all nervous about what to do with my first pay check – haha.

Alrighty, time to wrap this post up! Tomorrow I start back at work full time for the first time since last summer and I’m ready! Catch ya’ll later Smile.


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