Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Workout Schedule

Good morning! How is it already Wednesday?! I feel like this week is flying by! That’s a good thing though because on Friday night Eric is coming to TC and we’ve got some fun shenanigans planned for the weekend.

Actually, speaking of Eric, today happens to be HIS BIRTHDAY!


(favorite pic from his birthday last year)

He reads the comments so I’m sure he would love it if he got a few birthday wishes from ya’ll Smile. Things are going well with us, but unfortunately that’s all the update you’re getting right now. I like teasing you guys Winking smile.

Anyways, I finally renewed my gym membership! I went in on Sunday and got it all set up so that Monday morning I could walk in and get going with my workout right away. I must say, it feels good to be back in the gym. I thought I could get away without having one for a little while since I’m getting ready for the triathlon this summer (I don’t need a gym to run, bike, or swim), but I really miss the routine of having a membership and I miss strength training. It’s actually easier for me to wake up and go run on the treadmill than it is for me to run around the neighborhood – the drive to the gym wakes me up and I like not having to worry about the weather.

I set up a little “training plan” for the next month or so and tried to incorporate a little bit of everything. I am not worried about the biking portion of the triathlon, but I do have a lot to work on with regards to swimming and running. I need to improve my speed and endurance, and I do plan on doing some brick workouts when I get a little further along into my training. Here’s what my workout schedule is looking like for the next month or so:


I am most concerned with getting my running, swimming, and strength training workouts in (I just started NROLFW Stage 2 this week). Usually if I work out on the weekend in the summer I try to get a bike ride in, so I’m not stressed about incorporating biking into my schedule right now. However, like I said, as the triathlon draws nearer I’ll start doing at least one brick workout (running, biking, and/or swimming back to back like you would in the race) per week.

Of course, this schedule is not set in stone as I’m working a lot right now and the next few months are going to be extremely busy. I’ll likely switch days around during the week to accommodate my work schedule or other commitments that I have going on. No big deal. After all, the main goal here is to LOSE WEIGHT so as long as I’m burning those calories, I don’t care when the heck I’m doing it Winking smile.

Dinner last night was delicious.


Chicken burgers with 1/2 slice of Colby Jack cheese, avocado, ketchup and mustard


Plus fruit salad


And here’s breakfast:


Dippy egg and toast (no surprise there)


and I promise that is not a bowl of sour cream and salsa (that’s the first thing I thought when I looked at it)


it’s actually vanilla Greek yogurt topped with about 1/4 cup of leftover fruit filling from a pie that my Grandma made this weekend. Yum!


Off to work my friends!


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