Monday, June 4, 2012

Tweeting at Taps 25 and a Killer Leg Workout

Well apparently I have a thing or two to learn about collard greens. Thanks for all of your tips about how to prepare them! I most definitely agree (after learning the hard way) that you should not eat them raw..blech. Eric didn’t really seem to mind, but he thinks that all greens taste the same so he couldn’t tell any difference. I most certainly could though – it’s been a while since salad has made me want to gag. If he still has the greens sitting in his fridge next time I got visit then I’ll try steaming them with a little EVOO and garlic. That sounded good!

The rest of our weekend was a nice mix of work and play but it went by way too fast, as all weekends do. On Saturday night we met up with our friend, Julie, and her fiancé, Matt, for dinner. We went to a Mexican place called Cancun Mexican Grill and it was good. I treated myself to a margarita and enjoyed the Cancun Pollo for my meal.


It came with chicken, grilled onions, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese and was served with flour tortillas. I had a craving for Mexican and this definitely satisfied it!

After dinner we headed to downtown Lansing to check out a couple bars, including Taps 25 and the Tin Can.


At Taps 25 there was a television screen over the bar that displayed incoming Tweets from people who tagged the bar by using their Twitter handle or a hash tag. Of course we had to join in on the fun and snapped a photo to tweet.


It was pretty cool when this showed up on the screen! Of course, I had to retweet it so it would show up twice Winking smile. I was tempted to do some shameless self promotion for my blog, but figured that a bar probably wouldn’t be the best place to try to advertise. Still, mad props to Taps 25 for this neat form of entertainment!

On Sunday I had a work event that took up most of my afternoon and after that we grilled up some turkey burgers with homemade chipotle mayonnaise for dinner. For the mayo, I just blended low fat mayonnaise with some chipotle peppers in adobo sauce – it turned out good!.


I drove back to Traverse City late this morning, but not before getting a workout in! Eric and I wrote a new workout schedule for me last night because I was not happy with mine and I know that I’m not challenging myself like I should be. I also know that I’m not incorporating as much strength training as I should be, so we addressed that with my new plan. I’ll be sure to share the whole plan later this week!

This morning’s workout focused on my legs and abs, and it was killer! What made it tough was the very minimal rest periods. Incorporating short rest periods into a routine keeps your heart rate elevated and helps you get more bang for your buck while you’re at the gym. Here’s the routine that I did:


  • Squats 3 sets/10 reps
  • Leg press 3 sets/10 reps superset with calf raises (on the press machine) 3 sets/20 reps
  • Lunges 3 sets/12 reps (each leg)
  • Leg extensions 3 sets/12 reps
  • Leg curls 3 sets/12 reps
  • Wall sits 3 sets/1 minute each


  • Swiss ball crunches 50 reps total
  • Side bends 2 sets/20 reps (no rest)
  • Leg raises 2 sets/20 reps
  • Torso twist machine 2 sets/20 reps (each side)

No cardio because I was moving through the exercises so fast that it was a cardio workout in itself! During the leg portion of the routine I tried to keep my rest periods 10 to 20 seconds between sets, with the exception of the wall sits. I needed a full minute of rest between those! I also did not use the Torso twist machine because Eric’s gym doesn’t have one, but I plan on doing those on Friday when I do the routine in my own gym.

After my errands today I enjoyed dinner on the patio with my mom.


We had salad with homemade cheese enchiladas that are made with fat free Greek yogurt as the bulk of the filling. Delicious!


Time to get ready for a busy week. I’m working every day and my first board exam is two weeks from Friday, which means that crunch time is just around the corner! Gah, I will be so relieved when the boards are over!


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