Friday, June 15, 2012

Weight Loss Recap: Week Six

Well, I guess technically I can’t really call it “Week Six” since quite a few weeks have been missed here, but for the sake of continuity I’m going to keep my weight loss recaps titled by the week for now. Regardless, I am long over due for one! I may be too busy to get my weekly recaps up every week, but I will at least try to get a weekly weigh-in posted for you guys. Anyways, here’s how I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks!

5/25/12 (Last weigh-in): 188.5
6/1/12: 188.0
6/8/12: 186.5
6/15/12: 185.0
Difference since last weigh-in: –3.5 pounds

I am quite pleased that I’ve had losses in every weigh-in for the past three weeks. However, right now I think one of my biggest areas that needs improvement is my weekend eating habits. Weekends (Friday night through Saturday) are typically my times to indulge, but unfortunately I usually end up indulging a little too much and gain a couple of pounds by Sunday or Monday morning. I can usually lose the weekend weight gain in a day or two, but it’s less weight that could be added to my total loss for the week. I know that it’s possible to treat myself without going overboard, but it’s so hard! My main goal for the next few weeks is to maintain my weight on the weekends. I’ll be extremely happy if I can do that!

Notes from the week(s):

  • I’ve been really good the past couple of weeks about not having sweet treats during the week and saving them for the weekend. It makes it that much more enjoyable when I do have treats and it gets easier to say no as time goes on.
  • Snacking after dinner has been improving as well, although I have found myself digging in my mom’s bag of prunes and dates the past few nights. Sure, there are worse snacks that I could be having, but unless my stomach is actually growling, there is no reason why I should be in that kitchen munching after dinner.


  • Speaking of growling stomachs, last night I woke up at about 1:00 am unbelievably hungry. In fact, I couldn’t fall back asleep because my stomach was growling so much. I finally got out of bed and had a few spoonful's of yogurt and a huge glass of water before it finally shut up. It wasn’t really a big deal I guess, but it was just so random! Does anyone else ever wake up in the middle of the night totally starving?
  • On Sunday I went biking and I unsuccessfully tackled a huge hill. I say unsuccessfully because not only did I not make it all the way up, but I also took my first fall and scraped up my knee. The hill starts off really steep, and I made it about halfway up before stopping to walk. However, as you get closer to the top it starts to flatten a little and I figured I could ride the rest of the way up so I got back on my bike.


(the steep part is around the corner and out of view of the picture)

I got one foot clipped in and was about to get the other when I realized that I wasn’t gaining any momentum and was losing my balance. Before I knew it I hit the pavement with my bike on top of me (and my one foot still attached to the pedal). I ended up walking the rest of the way up and soon as my knee stopped bleeding I got back on my bike to finish the ride, but I made it my goal at that moment to make it up that hill by the end of the summer. Well, turns out I didn’t need to give myself such a long deadline because I made it to the top yesterday morning!


I was pumped! It was hard but the sense of accomplishment was so, so worth it. I’ve also really increased my speeds on my last couple rides. On my first ride, my average pace was only about 12.8 mph, on Sunday’s ride it was 15.0 mph, and yesterday it was 15.7 mph! I did 17.5 miles in just over an hour. Sweet!

I ended my ride with a post-bike lunch al fesco with my favorite Chicken Chipotle Wrap from Oryana.


I never get sick of this thing!

Well, I think that’s all I got for now that’s weight loss related. Like I’ve mentioned about a hundred times, right now my primary focus is passing my pharmacy board exams. This weekend I am going to a friend’s birthday party in Grand Haven on Friday, a Kappa Psi reunion in Big Rapids on Saturday, and then on Sunday I’m going back to Lansing for the week with Eric. My board exams are both in Lansing (one is on the 22nd and the other is on the 25th) and since I took the week off of work, I’m just going to stay with him while I do all of my last minute studying. I know that you all are dying for “Eric updates,” but please be patient with me. This is still a new thing that we are trying here and sometimes it’s uncomfortable writing about that part of my life on the internet because we don’t know what’s going to happen. Eric is a pretty private person already, so for the sake of his privacy I try to keep the details about us to a minimum. I still love writing about our little adventures though and will continue to do so as it feels right Smile.

And on that note, it’s time to hit the road! Have a great weekend everyone!

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