Monday, July 30, 2012

Apartment Tour with Lots of Pictures!

Happy Monday my friends!

I’ve just about got everything unpacked and where I want it, so I thought I’d share some pictures of my new place with you! I love love LOVE my apartment and I’m so happy here. Enjoy the photos!

View when you first walk in through the front door:


Coat closet is to the left when you walk in:




The cupboard space is amazing. The last apartment I lived in earlier this year was a teeny tiny studio and there was literally zero counter space and hardly any cupboard space. You can see a picture of it in this post if you’re curious.


Here’s my “living room.” I wasn’t sure how all my furniture would fit in here, but I’m really happy with this layout.


I definitely need to get some pictures on the walls!


Also, the wall/area behind the couch really needs some work. I’m thinking about maybe buying a desk to put here. Thoughts?


Here’s another view of the kitchen and living room from patio door.


Speaking of patio, here it is!


I got those chairs from my neighbor’s garage sale for $15.00 each and my mom gave me those two tables. Score!

There’s also a little storage area off of my balcony which is the perfect place to store my bike. My dad attached a hook to the wall so I can hang it up and save space. There’s tons of room for my ski stuff now once winter rolls around!


Alright, back to the inside!

Here’s the hallway leading to the bathroom:


The washer and dryer is inside that closet. One of the things I love about these apartments is that all units come equipped with their own washer and dryer. This was a huge bonus!


The bathroom is nothing too exciting, but it works!


And now for my favorite part of the apartment. To the left of the hallway that leads to the bathroom is my room!


I got my bedroom set from the clearance center at Art Van and I’m in love with it. This is also my first time owning a queen size bed. Boy have I been missing out!


That end table actually belongs to the coffee tablet set that you see in the living room. I didn’t need/have room for two end tables in the living room so I put one in my room. It matches perfectly and I didn’t have to buy an additional end table – win!


It’s so perfect Smile.

I also “cooked” my first meal in my new place yesterday.


English muffin, ham, eggs, spinach, and avocado


with a bowl of cherries on the side.


Not a very impressive meal, I know, but I do plan on baking some chicken tonight after work.

Speaking of work, it’s just about time for me to head out! Hope you liked the pictures and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


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