Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Work Update + Dinner With the Girls

Every work day should end like this:


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Especially when you run around all day like a mad woman at a pharmacy that fills 500+ prescriptions a day. (Although, roses always make the day better.) Speaking of work, I think I owe you guys an update!

I’ve worked for the same company since before I started pharmacy school (it will be six years in January!). I started out as a technician, and then I became an intern when I started pharmacy school in the fall of 2008. The company I work for is a chain and has multiple locations all over the state. I was hired at the Traverse City store and worked there until my third year of pharmacy school, when I then transferred to a store in Grand Rapids so I could work one day a week while I had classes there. When I graduated, I moved back to Traverse City and became a grad intern (that awkward stage where you’ve graduated but haven’t become officially licensed yet). I took my board exams in June and became a licensed pharmacist in July.


When I first became licensed there was not a full time pharmacist position available in Traverse City, so I accepted a temporary position as a floater/relief pharmacist in the Northern Region. We are expecting another store to be built in Traverse City in 2014, so my plan was to work as a floater until the new store opened. While I wasn’t technically full time, I was still getting 40 hours a week between the three main stores that I worked at (Traverse City, Gaylord, and Petoskey). Despite the long drives to work (Gaylord and Petoskey are both over 60 miles away from my apartment), I didn’t mind floating because my store is so busy and it was nice to have a little bit of a break. However, after a while the commute does start to wear on you and I was beginning to wonder if I could really deal with it (not to mention the completely random and last minute schedule that comes with being a floater) for another year and a half.

Well, I no longer have to wonder about that because a few weeks ago, one of our Traverse City pharmacists decided to leave the store to pursue other interests. It was sad and unexpected, but it meant that there was now a full time position available for me! After hesitating at the thought of working at such a busy store five days a week, I decided that the five minute commute to work, the convenience of a more regular schedule, and the full time benefits far outweighed the more stressful environment.

So, I am officially working full time in Traverse City now! It’s actually kind of cool that my entire pharmacy career has been at one store, especially since it can be very difficult to find a job in Traverse City. I’ve been enjoying it so far and I hope things continue to go well. I also love everyone that I work with, especially when they join me for a drink after a long day Smile.


(Geez my hair is getting long!)

It was actually Holly’s last day yesterday (she’s the blonde to the left of me), so a few of us went out to Buffalo Wild Wings after work in honor of that. I ordered a hard cider to drink:


(Eric makes fun of me all the time for drinking these, but I love them)

After browsing calorie counts for the different options that appealed to me, I decided to go with the Southwest Chicken Queso Wrap for my meal.


It was the thing I wanted the most and surprisingly, it had the least amount of calories out of everything I looked at (490 according to 3 different sources).


It was delicious! The only change I requested was substituting the veggie boat for the chips and salsa that the wrap normally comes with.

Time to go make me some breakfast and then I’m hitting the gym before I head into work for the day. Have a good one!


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