Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reader Weight Loss Success Stories

Today was a very early morning. Coffee was very much necessary.


(So much for breaking my cappuccino addiction, haha)

Honestly, I never really feel fully awake for most of the day when I have to get up before 6 am. I feel like I’ve been in a daze ever since I got to work and all I want to do right now is nap. Looks like it’s going to be early to bed for me tonight!

I added some chicken to my wild rice salad for lunch today, and packed it in a Tupperware on top of some greens for a little veggie action.


It reminded me of something Anne would pack for lunch. She’s always posting about throwing brown rice or beans on top of a salad for lunch. It’s a good idea!


Clementines to round it out!


Unfortunately, I think I actually prefer this wild rice salad plain as opposed to what I packed today. For some reason the chicken just didn’t really mesh with it well, which is too bad because it really adds a punch of protein to the meal.

The past few days have been pretty uneventful, just working a lot and entertaining Magic Mike.


Actually, speaking of Mikey, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with him. To put it bluntly, lately he has been driving me absolutely nuts. I love my little guy, but he is constantly getting into everything and he’s been whining a lot for attention. The other day I came home from work and found my toothbrush on the floor next to the front door. Um, gross. Even though it seems like it might make my problem worse, I’ve actually started toying with the idea of getting another kitty. I think he needs a playmate, and the girls at work are convinced that he will stop getting into so much trouble if he has something else to entertain him. Any thoughts or advice? I’m gone a lot during the day and often on the weekends (my parents take care of my cat when I go out of town) and I’d like it if he wasn’t so lonely all the time. I’ve also considered possibly fostering a cat to see how he or she gets along with Mikey and how I like having two cats. Then if I decide it’s not working out or it’s too much trouble, then I can just give the cat back. What do you think?

Reader Weight Loss Success Stories

I’ve got a nap calling my name right now, but before I take off I wanted to announce that I’ve decided to start up that reader weight loss story series that I mentioned the other day. It seemed to get good feedback and enough people said that they love reading about other people’s success so I think it would be a fun new feature to add to the blog. If you would like to be featured on Healthy Berg in a weight loss success story post, please send me an email to healthyberg [at] gmail [dot] com and include the following information in your email:

  • First name and age (and blog, if you have one!)
  • Background information (what your typical eating habits were like growing up, etc.)
  • Turning point (what made you decide to finally lose weight)
  • How you changed your lifestyle in order to lose the weight
  • How much weight you lost, and if applicable, how long you’ve kept if off
  • Maintenance tips, if applicable
  • Any tips, advice, or other information you’d like to share with everyone about your story

Please note: I advocate for healthy, lifestyle changes to lose weight and those are the types of stories I’d like to post. It’s okay if you choose to do things your own way, but if I receive emails about extreme dieting, weight loss pills, etc. then I will likely not be publishing the story. Thank you in advance for understanding.

You don’t have to have a blog to be featured as a success story, and you don’t have to be completely done losing weight either. I’d love to hear from a variety of people, and am looking forward to reading your stories Smile.


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