Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Too Much Time on the Couch


I’m stoked that I have the day off today, but as usual that means I’ve been enjoying a lazy morning on the couch. There’s nothing wrong with that, but lately I feel like I’ve been spending a little too much time sitting around in front of the TV. I still go to the gym most days, but I’m usually so tired after I get home from work that I pretty much just plop my behind on the couch for the night. However, it’s not just at night – now I find myself doing it in the mornings too when I don’t go into work until later. I think I need to get some new hobbies or something. I need to get moving! I certainly don’t want to get in the habit of living a sedentary lifestyle (again), but it’s just so easy to get into and so hard to break the habit. I need to find that motivation that I used to have – where the heck did it go?! I feel like I don’t have any energy anymore; maybe I need to start going to bed earlier?

Anyway, last night wasn’t any exception to this new routine of mine – I came home from work totally exhausted and couldn’t really find the energy to do anything else besides make dinner and plop on the couch.


(I love crime drama – Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU are two of my favorite shows)

At least dinner was good!


I made Courtney's skinny alfredo and followed the recipe almost exactly. The only changes I made were that I used a rotisserie chicken (a miracle for the girl who can never cook chicken perfectly), I left out the broccoli, I used a mixture of mozzarella and parmesan instead of plain parmesan, and I used spiral whole wheat noodles instead of fettuccini.


It turned out pretty good, but still tasted like “light” alfredo. Nothing really compares to the full fat version, but it worked Winking smile.

I enjoyed the pasta with a side salad of mixed greens, goat cheese, Craisins, sunflower seeds, and poppy seed dressing.


Magic Mike hung out with me too, of course.


That little guy is such a trouble maker. His latest obsessions include chewing on my family picture that sits on my living room end table


and knocking over my toothbrush in the bathroom. Gross.

Alright, I’ve been sitting on my butt long enough this morning. Time to get to the gym, and then I’m hoping to get some cleaning done around my apartment and I would like to go on a walk later to play around with my new camera. Should be a good day off!


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