Monday, November 5, 2012

Meals at Home + Fitness Plans for the Week

Good morning!

No case of the Moan-days over here since I worked the weekend – today is just another day in this long stretch of work. We were so busy at the pharmacy, too. On Saturday we did our normal volume, plus I did about ten flu shots over the course of the day. Yesterday was a record breaking day; we filled almost 245 prescriptions when we normally [only] do about 200 on a Sunday. Last night when I came home from work all I wanted to was drink beer and have dinner delivered to my door step.


Ah, Mancino's. So bad, yet so, so good.


Mancino’s is a local pizza/grinder chain and I always forget how good their food is! Healthy? Not a chance. Delicious? Most definitely.


I got a club grinder, but it didn’t make the $10 minimum delivery charge so I had them throw in those cinna-nuggets you see above. They were okay, but a little heavy on the cinnamon and not so much on the sugar. I don’t think I’d order them again.

While I did splurge and order delivery last night, my other meals this weekend were good! I spent some time at my parents’ house when I wasn’t at work because my sister was in town from Marquette. I stopped by on Saturday night, and my mom had homemade vegetable soup, corn bread, and salad waiting for me at the breakfast bar.


I love this soup. So creamy and delicious!


And of course – the greens.


Perfect meal after a long day at the pharmacy.

After I finished eating, the four of us sat down to play one of our favorites – Balderdash! My parents and I had just played with Eric a couple of weeks ago, but apparently we just can’t get enough of that game.


It’s funny because none of us can ever read the answers and keep a straight face, but you should watch us as we write down our answers. We all get super serious and use our hand to cover our answers as we’re writing. Can’t let anyone cheat and see what we’re writing!


Such a fun game Smile.


I stayed there for a couple of hours, and then I came home and crashed hard. Of course my little monster of a cat woke me up right on time in the morning and I didn’t get my extra hour of sleep, so that was kind of lame. On the up side though, it gave me plenty of time to swing by my parents’ house again for some breakfast before work!


My mom made my favorite slow cooker oatmeal and it was delicious.


I definitely needed the fuel to get me through the busy day!

In other news, here’s this week’s fitness plans:

  • Monday – C25K + strength (legs)
  • Tuesday – Step mill + strength (upper body)
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run
  • Thursday – C25K + abs
  • Friday – OFF (work early shift then drive to Lansing for the weekend)
  • Saturday – workout TBD with Eric?
  • Sunday – OFF

Let’s get this week started!


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