Monday, January 7, 2013

Belated Birthday Celebration

Good morning!

I know I’ve posted a few times in the past week, but because of the type of posts they were (Christmas recap, 2012 recap, and goals for 2013) it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve given you all a “real” update. After the holidays were over, I worked the next five days in a row and then drove down to Lansing on New Years Eve day for the start of my “mini vacation.” Eric and I spent New Years Eve in downtown Grand Rapids with all of our friends (there are a couple of pictures in this post) and then I stayed with him in Lansing until Thursday (we stayed in GR on Monday night and drove back to Lansing on Tuesday morning). We pretty much stayed in our pajamas all day on New Years Day while eating pizza and watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, and then on Wednesday I ran errands and got myself a mani/pedi while Eric went to work. It was a lovely break Smile.

On Thursday when I got back to Traverse City I had a great time catching up with old friends – first up was a lunch date at my apartment with my best friend Melissa, and second was dinner and drinks downtown with my friend Elly.


On Friday I had to work, but Eric came up on Friday night to spend the weekend here. My mom was out of town visiting her family in Arizona on my birthday so they planned a belated birthday dinner for me on Saturday and Eric was able to join us. We went to my favorite restaurant, Apache Trout Grill. We got there nice and early so that we could be seated quickly (if you go between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 you can expect at least an hour wait) and so that there would be lots of natural light for me since I brought my DSLR Winking smile.

A glass of Riesling to start:




(Yes, I totally staged that. I had never taken my good camera out to a restaurant before and I wanted to get some good shots!)

The hostess kindly seated us right next to the fireplace, which also made for some nice pictures.


We didn’t order any appetizers, but we did munch on some fresh bread with homemade pesto while we waited for our meals. I ordered the Baja Shrimp Tacos, which came with two tacos and a couple of avocado egg rolls (my favorite!) on the side.


They were delicious!


When we were were done with dinner, we went back to my parents’ house for cake and presents. We spent a large portion of the drive home trying to decide if we should go through the effort of putting 24 candles on the cake, or if we should just put a few on and call it good. Somewhere along the way, someone had the idea to make a “2” and a “4” shape out of the candles and that’s what we ended up doing. Here’s Eric hard at work making the numbers:


While it turned out good, I’m not sure that it was the smartest idea. Not only did it require way more effort than just randomly putting the candles on the cake like normal, but we ended up using even more than 24 candles! So here’s my birthday cake for my 24th birthday, complete with 27 candles:


All lit up:


And of course, here’s me blowing out the candles.



Success Open-mouthed smile

Then, it was onto the good stuff.


My mom made my favorite pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. It’s a different kind of cake because it almost tastes more like pumpkin bread, but it’s delicious and I look forward to it every year.



I wasn’t going to post much about my presents, but I did want to share this adorable picture frame that my sister got me:


Isn’t it so cute?? She ordered the frame online and I had the picture printed yesterday. I absolutely love it. She got the frame from this website and I’d highly recommend it – they have all kinds of pet frames to choose from!

Eric and I spent the rest of the weekend watching Smallville. We started from season one and have ten seasons to get through, which could take us a while since we only see each other a few times a month..haha.

Happy Monday!


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