Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a WIAW post, or even just posted a whole day’s worth of eats, so I thought it might be fun to take advantage of this lovely Wednesday and do just that!

You can head over to Jen's blog to see what all the WIAW hype is all about – she came up with the idea and has been hosting it for a couple of years now. It’s fun to check out all the different blogs and see what everyone else has been munching on lately!

Obviously, since it’s Wednesday morning, these are actually Tuesday’s meals. Before I get to those though, I do have to throw out a little disclaimer here: Yesterday was a really good day in terms of staying on track with my calories. I don’t want to mislead everyone into thinking that I’m “perfect” every day, because we all know I’m not. Monday was actually a really bad day. My weight was up a little from the weekend and that bummed me out, which lead to some emotional eating. What the heck is up with that?! It doesn’t make sense. A person trying to lose weight shouldn’t want to eat more when they are frustrated, yet I do. So ridiculous. Anyway, after a long talk with Eric yesterday morning I had a bit of an attitude adjustment and I felt a lot better. I CAN do this!

Okay, let’s get onto the eats!



I made a two-egg omelette with spinach, mushrooms, and goat cheese and ate it along side two slices of this bread:


I got it at Target; I LOVE their breakfast breads. My favorite is the apple fritter. They are so delicious and the perfect compliment to eggs in the morning. Believe it or not, I’m actually really good at making a loaf of this last for an entire week. I limit myself two slices per day and only eat it for breakfast. It gives me something to look forward to in the morning Open-mouthed smile.

To make my omelette, I sautéed the mushrooms and spinach in one pan and cooked the eggs in the other before combining the two and folding the egg patty in half.


I always feel so healthy when I sneak vegetables into my breakfast Winking smile.


All together:


So good.

Onto the next meal!



I made another veggie pizza for the week (this one had broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) and I’ve been packing it up every day for lunch.


(There’s two pieces under there)

Along with the pizza, I had a Fiber One bar and a Chobani Greek yogurt. I was stoked when I saw two new flavors at Target this week: banana and pear!


The banana was good but not my favorite, but I really liked the pear flavor. I’ve kind of been going through a pear phase right now so that might have something to do with my fondness of it, but it’s delicious!


So, dinner last night was supposed to be this:


On Monday I took out my new crock pot that I got for Christmas and decided to test it out, and I cooked a whole chicken and a bunch of veggies all day while I was at work.


The chicken turned out fantastic – it was perfectly cooked and just fell apart when I picked it up with a fork. For the veggies, I used sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and carrots, but I think they cooked a little too long.


Additionally, the sweet potatoes didn’t taste that good after cooking in chicken juice all day. I don’t like white potatoes and didn’t think it’d be an issue using sweet potatoes, but it was just not a good idea.

Well, I have a ton of leftovers from Monday night and was planning on eating them all week, but last night I was just totally not feeling it. Chicken and overcooked veggies did not sound appealing to me at all after my long day at work so I decided to make something else. I’ll use up the chicken and veggies later this week (or I’ll just freeze the chicken and eat it later), but last night this was really all I wanted:


Another great Target find – this pizza is SO good.


I used to love Amy's Kitchen pizzas, but this Archer Farms Spinach and Goat Cheese pizza is way better than any of those. It takes willpower not to eat the whole thing in one sitting, because I know I could!


While the pizza was cooking, I also snacked on an unpictured banana. Great dinner!

This morning I’m off to a cycling class and then I’ve got the later shift at work tonight. Happy Hump Day Smile.

What’s the best thing you ate yesterday?


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