Wednesday, February 20, 2013

100 Lunges + WIAW

Yesterday, I did 100 walking lunges. On EACH leg.

Sorry, but that’s how I felt when I was done Winking smile.

I’m not really sure what possessed me to do all those lunges, but I knew I was in the mood for a leg workout when I arrived at the gym and clearly I wasn’t messing around! I started with a 5 minute warm-up on the elliptical and then moved onto squats on the Smith machine before I started on my lunges. I was originally planning on doing my usual two sets of twenty lunges, but decided to push myself and do three or four sets instead. When I was halfway through the fourth set, I thought, “Hey I’m feeling pretty good. I could totally do another set of twenty after this!” Yeah… my quads were screaming at me by the time I finished that last set, and my booty has been sore since yesterday afternoon. But hey, that’s a good thing though, right?!

I finished my leg workout with some deadlifts, a few sets on a couple of the leg machines, and calf raises on up the stairs. For these, I did ten calf raises (body weight) on each step for ten steps. The last time I did these calf raises, I went up the whole flight of stairs, which is about fifteen steps. Well, I ended up tweaking a muscle in my calf and I seriously could not walk for days, so stopping at ten sounded like a good plan yesterday! I ended the workout with a quick 1000 meters on the rowing machine. I always forget what a good workout that machine is, I need to use it more often.

Good workouts like that one definitely require good fuel, and I definitely had that covered yesterday!

I don’t have photos of everything I ate yesterday but I do have a couple of good meals to share, starting with breakfast.


I woke up with a big craving for oatmeal, and when I saw this baby in the cupboard I knew I had to make it happen.


I found it at the local health food store months ago and for some reason never got around to trying it. I won’t make that mistake again because it was delicious!


I made a thick and creamy bowl of oats by cooking them with milk (instead of water), and then I topped them with the pecan butter, a tablespoon of dried cranberries, and some cinnamon. It was delicious! I’ve got to start bringing oats back into the regular rotation.

Since I worked the closing shift at work yesterday, I was able to actually prepare lunch to eat at home.


How’s that for a cute little lunch?!

I made a hot sandwich by toasting two slices of bread and melting a slice of pepper jack cheese on one of the slices. I also added turkey, spinach, and a Wholly Guacamole snack pack (in place of avocado, since I didn’t have any). This was a fantastic combination!


To go with the sandwich, I had some baby carrots and a cup of pineapple Greek yogurt on the side.


Very satisfying lunch!

Other food from the day included some leftover pizza that I packed for dinner (It was a California Kitchen Thin Crust White Pizza – delicious!) and a small bowl of cereal that I munched on when I got home from work. Not very exciting, but I’m trying not to do much grocery shopping these next couple of weeks on account of all the travelling I’ll be doing.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. I’m off to the gym now, and I’m crossing my fingers that the roads are a little better today than they were last night. We got a ton of snow yesterday and the roads were like a sheet of ice when I got off work. My car doors were actually frozen shut!


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