Monday, February 25, 2013

MPA Adventures: PAC Luncheon and Dinner at Andiamo

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend – mine was nice and long! I took Friday off so I could leave bright and early to head down to Detroit for the annual Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) Annual Convention and Exposition (ACE). Unfortunately, the weather really prolonged my drive and made for an unpleasant start to my weekend. I got caught in a ridiculous snow storm that was sweeping over the entire state and my 3 & 1/2 hour drive took me over five hours. I dealt with white-out conditions and snow covered roads, and when it finally stopped snowing (it literally snowed for hours) the roads became slippery and slushy. I passed car after car in the ditch and everyone was constantly hitting their brakes, slowing down, speeding up, etc.

By the time I finally arrived at the hotel, both parking ramps were completely full and I ended up parking on the roof of the second ramp with a few other cars, despite the fact that their was a “no rooftop parking today” sign clearly out on display. I was so frustrated. Eric and I had a luncheon to attend at noon and by the time I parked, it was 11:45. I didn’t have time to bring my luggage to the room, so I had to change my shoes outside in the snow and then run inside to find Eric. I was so cranky and flustered and I felt bad because I totally took it out on Eric. I even started to blame him for something that the hotel screwed up with our room. It was not exactly the best start to the weekend.

Eventually I realized that there was no point in dwelling on my crappy morning and after apologizing to Eric, I was ready to finally enjoy my weekend, starting with the luncheon!


I was able to attend the Pharmacy PAC luncheon last year and enjoyed it – plus the money is donated to the pharmacy PAC) – so Eric and I decided to purchase tickets for this year’s luncheon as well. Lunch was served buffet style:


There was so much delicious food and I filled my plates with a little of everything. My “appetizer” plate contained Greek pasta salad, fruit, and a tomato and mozzarella salad.


My favorite was the tomato and mozzarella salad. I’m not normally a tomato person so at first I was just eating the little balls of cheese plain, but then I paired one with a cherry tomato and it was so much better! I definitely regretted not having more tomatoes on my plate, that’s for sure.

For my “entrée” I grabbed a slice of the chicken and a couple pieces of the pork, which was coated with an apple cherry chutney. They had this pork last year and I loved it, and this year it did not disappoint!


The dessert display was phenomenal, and I ended up selecting a lemon bar and a small piece of carrot cake.


After the luncheon Eric had a couple of meetings to attend for various residency projects (he’s kind of a big deal Winking smile), so I hung out in the hotel room for a bit and relaxed until the rest of our friends arrived. Check out the view from our room:


Pretty cool, right?!

When Eric was done with his meetings, we met up with a group of our friends for dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel, Andiamo. (The hotel is actually a huge convention center with stores, restaurants, and tons of other cool stuff – I’ll be writing a more detailed post about it tomorrow.)


There were six of us total – from left to right in the photo below we have myself, Eric, Brad, Sarah (Babs), Elena, and Ashley.


(Instagram username – healthyberg)

The restaurant was a little pricey, but everything was amazing.


The salads had an incredible house garlic and parmesan dressing. We all raved about it!


As for my main meal, I decided on the tortellini.


The picture does not do this dish justice. Holy cow, it was outstanding! Actually, everyone’s food was delicious. We ended up putting little samples of all of our food on our bread plates and passing them around the table. Everything was fabulous!

We ended up hitting up the hotel bar after dinner for a little while with our friends, but Eric and I had a 6 am wake-up call on Saturday because he had a CE (continuing education) lecture to give at 7:30 so we didn’t stay out too late. I have a lot more to share about the weekend so I’ll be back tomorrow with more of our adventures!


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