Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine’s Weekend

Hello and happy Monday!

I had a really nice weekend in Lansing. Since we obviously couldn’t see each other on Thursday, Eric and I celebrated Valentine’s Day over the weekend instead. At first I thought I’d be bummed about not getting to see Eric on Valentine’s Day itself, but it was no big deal. I’m so used to only seeing him on weekends anyway, so Thursday was just like any other day. Plus, he definitely made me feel loved by sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the pharmacy.

DSC_1022 blurred

They get more pretty every passing day as the lilies bloom. I actually took these pictures last night after I got home. The flowers just looked so bright and colorful! I can’t wait until they are all fully bloomed.


On Friday night, we had dinner at a new sushi restaurant and it was fantastic. I’m actually glad we went out on Friday night instead of Thursday because I’ve heard horror stories about restaurant wait times on Valentine’s Day. One of my co-workers used to work at Outback Steakhouse and she said that last year the wait time was two hours with a reservation! That’s crazy. Needless to say, I was more than okay with the twenty minutes we waited to be seated at AI Fusion.


What a cool restaurant!


As their website describes, AI Fusion combines Japanese, Korean, and westernized cuisine into one fantastic menu. They had a huge selection, but we came for one thing and one thing only: sushi!


(we had a nice view of the sushi bar right from our table!)

There was a large variety of rolls – definitely something for everyone – and I loved that there were lots of great pictures of the rolls in the menu. After placing our order, we had some fun with the camera while waiting for our food.


I don’t normally bring my DSLR to restaurants (it’s bulky and tends to draw attention), but the lighting happened to be perfect and I decided the food was too pretty not to photograph. Eric actually took this photo of me in action because he apparently got a kick out of watching me do my camera thing:


He posted it on Facebook with the caption, “This is what I have to deal with.” Thanks! Haha.

Anyway, here’s our beautiful plate of sushi!


Here’s what we got:

  • Spicy Crab Crunch (top left): Spicy California Roll topped with spicy crab, tempura flakes and masago. Drizzled with eel sauce and spicy mayo
  • Tae Kwon Roll (bottom left): Shrimp tempura, crab salad, cream cheese and cucumber topped with spicy tuna, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
  • Peacock Roll (right): Shrimp tempura, crab, and cucumber topped with spicy tuna and sriracha.


My favorite was the tae kwon roll. It was so flavorful and spicy. My mouth was on fire when I was done eating!

I also loved the beautiful presentation of the various sauces on the side of the plate. So pretty!


We used the sauce to dip pieces of the peacock roll in, which gave it an extra punch of flavor. We will definitely be coming back to AI Fusion!

Since we’re lame-o’s and have a grandma bedtime, we were too tired to do our entire date on Friday night so we continued the fun on Saturday. Well, fun for me at least. I sort of dragged him to the movies to see Safe Haven.


I know it’s a total chick flick, but everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a girl’s holiday anyway Winking smile. I absolutely loved the movie, and surprisingly I think Eric actually liked it too. We had a good laugh during the previews – they had all of the typical romantic comedy/chick flick previews, and then out of the blue comes a preview of the new Star Trek movie. I looked over at Eric and said, “what the heck are they doing showing a Star Trek preview at a Nicholas Sparks movie?” He grinned and replied, “Oh, this is for all the boyfriends. It’s like they are telling us ‘okay, she dragged you to this movie; now you can drag her to Star Trek in May.’” I busted out laughing. He’s probably right!

Other highlights of the weekend included going out to dinner with our friends Matt and Julie on Saturday night, and then going to a Capital Area pharmacists social afterward at one of the local pubs. After a busy Friday and Saturday, we spent most of yesterday hanging out and watching Smallville until about 3:00 when I left to come back to Traverse City. It was a wonderful weekend, but as always it went by way too fast.

I’m pretty excited because I actually have a short work week ahead of me this week because I’m leaving early on Friday morning to go down to Detroit for the Michigan Pharmacists Association Annual Convention & Expostion (MPA ACE). This will be my fifth year in a row attending, but my first year as a pharmacist. We have lots of fun things on the agenda, so I’m stoked!


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