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Weight Loss Success Story: Lora and John

Good morning! I have another reader weight loss success story for you today! I’m pretty excited to share this one because it’s about someone I know personally: Eric’s Aunt Lora! She and her husband have lost a lot of weight between the two of them and they look wonderful. It’s a really sweet story too. Check it out!

First name and ages:

Lora, 48, and John, 49


What were your typical eating habits growing up?

Lora’s Eating Habits (before)

Sweets, sweets, sweets, hamburgers, candy. But having said that I was an active child so I was not overweight until my 20’s – today I have been on diets and lost the weight only to gain it back plus more.  I seems that in my adult life when I’m happy with a man I gain weight vs. being single.

John’s Eating Habits (before)

He was the 12th child of 13 children.  He said he always went back for seconds and ate fast.  He was overweight as a teen to adult years. He did lose a lot of weight when he moved to England; about 80 pounds or so. He was a lot more active.  

What was your “turning point?” In other words, what finally made you decide to lose the weight?

My diabetes was out of control. I was on a pump plus pills.  My A1C was 9.8. I was talking to Eric after your gradation and he was telling me about how you changed your life and the changes you made.  He was telling me how my health is going to do nothing but get worse if I didn’t get control of my diabetes.  So I went home and talked to John and decided to join Weight Watchers.  John told me he would start a life style change with me, but at the time I was thinking “ya, right.”  But he has just blown my mind with his weight loss and change of heart.


How did you change your lifestyle in order to lose the weight?

We started by cleaning out the junk food.  We now buy fruits and vegetables and bake a lot of chicken.  I started by saying anything white is bad  for me.  We threw away the ICE CREAM and cookies.  We now snack on check mix, nuts and fruit.  Portion control is a big thing.  I make snack packs so we can just get a bag and know how many points we are eating.  I started to exercise nightly.  

How much weight have you lost?

Lora – 40 pounds with 30 more to go 
size 22 to a 12


John – 80 pounds with 70 more to go
size 66 to 52


We have been doing this for 6 months.

Any tips for weight loss maintenance?

Well we are about half way there so I can just say how we have kept it off and losing more every day.  Be good to yourself, let yourself have a little something once a week.  We keep calling this a lifestyle change not a diet so this is the way of life forever.  No more eating a bag of chips in front of the TV every night.  No more eating a ½ gallon of ice cream in two days. Don’t have it in your house. If you want a bite of something go out and get it and move forward.  Reward yourself with new clothes or try on your clothes that you have been trying to wear for the last couple of years to encourage yourself.  Exercise daily.

Any tips, advice, or other information you’d like to share?

Six months ago I wouldn’t have thought we would be in this place.  I always said John and I have a connection and it is food.  We are foodies.  That is one of the things that brought us together.  We both love to get dressed up and go out to eat and enjoy.  What we have learned is that you can still do that but leave half of it on your plate.  It’s ok.  I have learned that it’s ok to love to exercise.  It helps clear my mind after a day at work plus you feel good about yourself after you’re done.  I think you have to get your mind reprogrammed to having a healthy lifestyle.  Our life has been changed. My Doctor said she has NEVER taken anyone off a pump before but because of my weight loss and healthy eating I’m off the pump and my A1C is 6.4.  That gave me a few more years to live and enjoy life without a pump coming out of my stomach.   My best advice is to JUST DO IT and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, you will be a new person inside and out!



Lora said that their story was truly a love story about what a husband would do for his wife, and what a daughter/sister/aunt would do for herself and her family. She said she could not have done it without the support of her family and friends.

Congratulations, Lora and John! Keep up the great work!


If you would like to share your story on the blog, be sure to check out this post and shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you!


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