Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Recapping Our Trip to LA


Dang; long time no talk! My apologies for the delay, but it’s been a hectic couple of days. We flew back from Los Angeles on Monday morning and landed in Detroit at about 5:00 pm. By the time we got back to Eric’s apartment in Lansing and made dinner, it was nearly 8:00 and I was completely exhausted. I made the drive back to Traverse City yesterday morning and then spent the day running errands, hitting the gym, and grocery shopping.

We had a fantastic time in Los Angeles, but a lot of the pictures that I took were either at the convention center (more or less all the same stuff – and probably super boring for others to see), or of all the delicious FOOD we ate while we were there! Seriously, I spent sooo much money on food. My wallet and I are not friends right now. I also did a lot of Instagramming while we were gone – follow me (healthyberg) or check out my Instagram feed on the right hand side of my blog to see my recent pics.

Anyway, I definitely want to share more about my trip with you, but I also want to get back to blogging about the “here and now” stuff so I’ll try to keep it to one post. I already talked about Thursday's activities so now it’s time to recap the rest of the trip, starting with our stop at the hotel gym on Friday!


We only managed to hit up the gym one day while we were out there, but it was very nice. A long wall of cardio equipment (treadmills, ellipticals and bikes) and lots of machines and free weights; plus a stretching/ab work area. We were surprised how many people were there at 6:30 in the morning (we were stuck on Eastern time and couldn’t sleep), but it was quite busy!


Later that day, we also went down to check out the pool. I only ended up taking one picture while we were there, but I stole this one from the hotel website. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

image It was absolutely glorious laying out and soaking up the rays in the middle of winter Smile.

On Friday night, we tried out a neat Italian restaurant that was a short walk from our hotel.


We had calamari, wine, pizza, and tiramisu. Doesn’t get much better than that!


Eric also found THE perfect wine. Have any of you seen the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall searches everywhere for that perfect burger? Yeah, this was that wine for Eric. It was a red zinfandel and it was pretty much love at first sip.


We shared a glass and he ended up purchasing a bottle to take home with him. Definitely saving that for a special occasion!

We spent most of the day Saturday at the conference, which was at the Convention Center just a couple blocks from our hotel.


We went to the opening session in the morning and then in the afternoon I walked around and checked out the exhibit hall while Eric did his poster presentation. All of the community pharmacy residents (read more about Eric’s job in this post) have to do a research project and those in attendance at the conference printed out a large poster of their findings so far. They were all displayed in a large hall where fellow pharmacists and students could see them, and the residents stood by their posters for a two hour period on Saturday to answer questions that people had for them.


I didn’t want to embarrass Eric on Saturday by taking pictures, but here’s one that I took on my phone on Friday after he set his poster up. It looked fantastic!


The exhibit hall was fun – much bigger than the one at MPA.


I walked around for two hours while Eric did his presentation and then we swung by the blood drive before leaving the convention center. It’s been years since I’ve donated blood but I was glad I did. Even though you just lie on a table, you kind of feel a sense of accomplishment when you’re done! Plus I got a nifty sticker to put on my name tag, and that totally makes it worth it.


On Saturday night, we attended a social for all of the Michigan pharmacists in attendance at the conference and after that was over we went to dinner with some of the MPA (Michigan Pharmacist Association) employees. Eric knows the CEO of MPA from previous pharmacy rotations and various residency projects, so I was pretty excited when he invited us to join them for dinner! It was at a nice restaurant with really good food, too. Pretty cool!

Sunday was a lot more low key. We walked down to the fashion district and I picked up this little gem as a souvenir:


And then we went to the Wolfgang Puck restaurant to celebrate our last night in LA.


I loved the cool vibe of the restaurant. Perfect for a fun date night.


We had a great time on the trip, but it’s good to be home. I have been doing so much travelling lately and frankly, I’m just sick of it. My car needs a break and Mikey needs a mom who’s actually home once in a while (yes, I missed him like crazy). I’m actually still on vacation until Saturday, so I’m looking forward to enjoying these last couple days and getting my diet and exercise regimen back on track.

Catch ya later!


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