Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh, Hey

Well that was certainly an unplanned hiatus.

I didn’t mean to just quit blogging like that, I swear! It just sort of happened. Not only does it take a lot of time, but I guess I kind of lost interest. I stopped taking pictures of everything and it has been nice to come home from work and just relax without feeling like I “have” to get a blog post up. I really appreciate all of the emails, tweets, and Facebook posts asking if everything is okay. The truth is that I’ve sort of been dealing with some stuff in my personal life that has contributed to my lack of motivation. Since someone is bound to ask, I might as well put it out there: Eric and I have been struggling and have decided to break things off (for now at least). I don’t want to get into the details, but I think we need some time away from each other to find ourselves again as individuals. It’s been really hard, but we’ve still been talking a lot and getting along. Relationships are so confusing, and I’m kind of just taking it one day at a time. I really hope that we can work things out someday, but if not then it just wasn’t meant to be.

Despite everything that has been going on with Eric, there have actually been some fun things going on over here as well. At the end of March, I made my first “big girl” purchase and got myself a new (used) car! I’ve been “window shopping” for cars since before I even graduated but have put put off actually buying one because I’ve been putting a lot of money towards my student loans. I have had my eye on one SUV/crossover in particular, and a few months ago I finally test drove one. It was pretty much love at first drive. I couldn’t afford a brand new one so I made myself a budget and a list of requirements that I wanted and started searching online. I finally found the perfect one at a dealership in Warren, OH, which was about an 8 hour drive from my apartment. I contacted them and the salesman said someone would drive the car right to my door if I agreed to trade in my Pontiac Vibe. It was a done deal!


I’ve had the Vibe since high school and while I have a lot of memories associated with it, I was stoked to trade it in and move on up in the automobile world Smile. I’m absolutely loving my new car and I don’t regret my decision to buy it at all!

While we’re on the topic of new purchases, I also joined the iPhone club last month!


I’ve had a Droid Incredible HTC for a couple years now and when it came time for my contract to renew, I decided to go ahead and give the iPhone a whirl. I wasn’t particularly attached to my Droid and I’m not an Apple hater (though many in people in my life are…) so I thought it would be fun to switch things up. I must say that so far, I am a fan. It is so easy to use, I love the way it looks, and it’s a lot easier to manage both of my Gmail accounts from my phone than it was on the Droid. Definitely happy with this purchase as well.

Besides updating my wheels and my phone, I’ve been working a lot at the pharmacy. There hasn’t been too much else going on in my life, but Eric and I did go to a local bodybuilding show last month. It was awesome! Those people are so inspiring and I only wish I had the drive and determination that they do. I’ve let myself go, and it’s depressing. I’ve put on a lot of weight and all it does is make my clothes tighter and my confidence go down. It’s amazing how things just spiral out of control, but they do. However, today is a new day and if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s staring over Winking smile. I got a good workout in this morning and tomorrow I’m taking my bike out for the first ride of the year!

As always, thanks for your support and still following me on this journey. I can’t believe I was blessed with so many loyal readers and I am forever grateful for all of you <3


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