Saturday, August 10, 2013

Apartment Gym and Dinner at Firefly

Hello and Happy Saturday!

This morning was my grandpa's funeral. It was tough, but the service was so wonderful and there were so many people that showed up. My dad made a really cool video using some old footage of my grandpa and after they showed it, my dad, aunt, sister and I all said a few words. My grandpa was a WWII veteran so they also did a neat military tribute. We had a nice luncheon after the service and it was touching that so many people attended <3. 

I have more family stuff going on later today, but since I have a break in the action right now I decided to relax and spend some time on the old blog to get my mind of things for a bit. This week has actually been a pretty good week! I got in four workouts at my apartment gym. 

IMG 0366

The gym is small but a lot of times I get the whole thing to myself, which I love.

On Tuesday, I did Fitnessista's Awesome August workout (here's the link; this Apple blogging software doesn't do automatic hyperlink and I don't know how to do it yet: HOLY COW. My legs were toast after the 1 minute squat warm-up. I ended up modifying the workout a little, so it looked like this by the time I was done:

Max squats: 1 minute
Max pushups: 1 minute (knees)
1 minute plank

3 rounds:
400 m power walk
Bicep curls (10)
Dumbbell swing (15)
Lunges (10 each leg)

3 rounds:
Plie squat to upright row (12)
Bent-over row (12)
Standing calf raises (20 each leg)
Overhead triceps extension (20) 

You can see what the original workout looks if you click on the link above, but basically I changed the 400 meter run to a walk, I did regular lunges instead of jumping lunges, I did calf raises instead of step-ups, and I did triceps extensions instead of dips. My legs seriously felt like Jello by the time I was done and I could not walk straight for two days! Even today, four days later, my legs are still a little sore. Sign of a good workout, that's for sure!

Other workouts included two runs and a light elliptical day the day after I did that August workout. For my runs, I've been doing interval runs of 5 minutes of walking followed by 5 minutes of jogging for 30 minutes. I feel like I am running SO slow and it is SO hard, but hopefully it'll get better with time. 

I haven't been doing much cooking lately so I've been eating out a lot. Thursdays are half-off martini night at a local place called Firefly, so I've eaten there quite a few times! I went this past Thursday with a friend and we both enjoyed a couple of delicious martinis.

IMG 0373

Firefly also has amazing food! They have a fantastic small plate/appetizer menu and some really unique sushi options, including a "Mexican" style roll as well as a roll made with filet mignon. I ended up ordering a half sized avocado salad and a spider roll. 

IMG 0375

The salad had roasted zucchini, corn, tomato and goat cheese and it was fantastic! I would highly recommend it.

IMG 0376


 My spider roll was also delicious.

IMG 0377

Alright, time to get back to my family. Have a great weekend everyone!


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