Friday, August 23, 2013

Ryan and Gina’s Wedding

After spending a couple of days in Grand Rapids, Aimee and I grabbed breakfast on Saturday morning at a local place called The Westsider Café. We needed food in our bellies ASAP after our late night on Friday! It was a small restaurant, but was completely packed full of locals. Our friend Babs recommended it to us and it was a good choice! I got the eggs benedict and it was delicious.


With our tummies satisfied, we packed our things and hit the road for the small town of Bad Axe to see our good friend Gina get married. For those who aren’t familiar with Michigan geography, Bad Axe is waaaaaaay out in the middle of the thumb – aka nowheresville.

Map Of Bad_Axe


Unfortunately, the 3 & 1/2 hour drive there was not exactly smooth sailing. First, we hit multiple construction zones and thanks to a huge rock that came out of nowhere, I ended up with this beautiful crack on my windshield:



Then, both the GPS in my car AND the one on Aimee’s iPhone took us to the wrong place when we were trying to find the hotel. We ended up getting lost before eventually getting directions from a friend who was already at the hotel.

THEN, after we finally made it to the Holiday Inn Express (the designated “wedding hotel” that the bride and groom had a block of rooms reserved), I was informed that my reservation had gotten screwed up and that I was going to be charged for an extra half night. I don’t normally use my blog to make customer service complaints, but I was so outraged at the lack of customer service skills that the manager of this hotel possessed that I just have to say something. If you’re curious to know the details about what happened, you may read my review on Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, or Yahoo. Needless to say, our Bad Axe trip was not exactly off to the best start.

However, things quickly turned around after we got changed and met up with our friends. Time to get excited for Gina’s wedding! In a matter of thirty minutes we all piled into the car, drove down the road to the ceremony/reception site, and took our seats right in the front. I saw the groom, Ryan, as I was walking in and he looked so, so happy. He took a minute to come over, give me a hug, and thank me for coming. He is always so relaxed and easy going and I know that he and Gina are going to have a long and happy marriage. She definitely picked a winner!

Moments later, it was show time!


The ceremony was actually quite humorous and the pastor had us cracking up more than once. I loved it! It was still short and sweet though and within twenty minutes, Ryan and Gina were married.

Then it was time to celebrate!

Our whole pharmacy school crew sat together and loved the fact that she had included the “Dr.” prefix on our name cards.


I wish I had a picture of our whole group, but we were so busy chatting that it just slipped my mind! The professional photographer took a few though so when those are available I’ll be sure to post one.

I did end up snapping a couple photos of dinner, which was served buffet style.


My plate was filled with chicken, fish, stuffing, and green beans. We also had delicious cupcakes for dessert.

After dinner, we took a few slightly blurry iPhone photos with our friends. Here’s one of Aimee and I:


With our friend Josh:


And Dan:


And of course, the beautiful bride herself!


Our group also spent a lot of time in the photo booth, per usual.


So fun Smile

We spent the rest of the night dancing away until the reception was over, and then our group walked down to the (only?) bar in Bad Axe, ordered a pizza, and hung out for another hour or two. It was such a fun night – I wish it was easier to get all of us together more than once a year but we all live so far apart. I just love these guys so much; I know these people will be in my life forever, no matter how long we go without seeing each other or how far apart we live. Love them <3

Congratulations, Ryan and Gina! You’re wedding was such a blast and I’m so glad I could be there to help you celebrate your special day.


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