Monday, March 17, 2014

Dinner at Joe Muer and Getting Back on the Wagon (AGAIN)


This is a totally depressing way of looking at it, but St. Patrick’s Day actually just reminds me that the fun college days are over for me and it sort of makes me feel old and lame. When I was in pharmacy school at Ferris, St. Patrick’s Day was a BIG deal. The second that classes were over for the day, we were up on the roof of the Kappa Psi house drinking green beer and all kinds of other fun St. Patrick’s Day day-themed drinks.


We knew how to have a good time ;)

Today, however? My green dress shirt that I wore to work was the extent of my St. Patty’s Day celebration. I’ve got a huge to-do list tonight also, so it’s safe to say I’m in for the night – perfectly content in my sweatshirt and leggings. Party animal over here! Just another part of growing up, I guess. Man, being an adult is no fun sometimes.

Anyway, in other news – I’ve been keeping pretty busy lately! Two weekends ago I drove to Detroit with my friends Brad and Elena for the annual Michigan Pharmacists Association convention. We went to a couple of CE (continuing education) classes, but ended up skipping the big banquet that they have on Saturday night for all the attendees. We have always gone in the past, but decided to put our money to use at one of the hotel restaurants instead: Joe Muer Seafood.


Words cannot express how outstanding this restaurant is. The only negative is the price – it’s not cheap. However, you get what you pay for because the food, service, and atmosphere is amazing. I took more pictures at the restaurant than I did at any other point that weekend because I couldn’t wait to post about it! Ha.

We ordered drinks at the bar while we waited for our table.

IMG_2027[1] IMG_2024[1]

After we we were seated, we were served warm bread while we perused the menu. I was definitely intrigued by the special sushi rolls.


We ordered a Volcano Roll to share as an appetizer. I loved the flame decoration! Very cool.

I also ordered a cup of the lobster bisque and a Dynamite Roll to eat for dinner. Everyone’s food looked and tasted so fantastic. Elena ordered the lobster tail and Brad ordered the filet with oysters and cheesy mashed potatoes with crab (!!).

IMG_2039[1] IMG_2040[1]

IMG_2037[1] IMG_2041[1]

Oh, and how do you say no to dessert when they bring out a huge cart full of all of the options!? I went with the key lime pie.

Yeah, I have no words.

It was sort of funny, because I’m not used to being in such fancy restaurants and they kept doing things that caught me totally off guard. For example, Elena got up to use the bathroom at one point and while she was gone, someone walked over and completely refolded her napkin and placed it neatly on the table for her. I was just like, whaaaaat?!


Then, when we were done eating, the server walked over and held out a napkin on a tray in front of me and I just stared at him because I couldn’t hear what he was saying and I didn’t know what to do with it. Elena finally looked at me and said, “Berg! It’s a hot towel to wipe off your hands!” I laughed and said, “Oooooh! Thank you!” and grabbed the napkin from him. We all laughed pretty hard about that for a while after he left :).


So, after a couple weeks of not doing so hot, it’s back on the healthy eating wagon for me today. I’ve once again been suffering from horrible cycle of doing really well for a few days, only to let it all unravel with a few days of no exercise and horrible eating. I think I need to try focusing on just one thing at a time for now, and the rest will slowly come together. For example, instead of putting a ton of pressure on myself to get a vigorous workout in five days a week, I’m going to focus on improving my eating habits. In other words, more healthy foods and less sugar. Once I start eating healthy all the time, my body starts to crave those types of foods and it becomes easier.

Here’s today’s lunch:


Spinach salad with goat cheese, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds; crackers and hummus, yogurt, and two clementines. Yummmmay ;)

I know I sound like a broken record, but now I just need to keep it up! I’ve done it before, so I know I can do it again. Goals for this week include the following:

  • no sweets until the weekend (which means Friday after work)
  • at least four servings of fruits/vegetables per day (less than the recommended, but four more than I’ve been getting…)
  • three workouts – whatever kind I feel like

I’ll talk numbers when I’m ready, but right now just know that I have put on a LOT of weight. Like two pregnancies worth. Yeeeeeah…. Okay, I’m going to shut up now.

Have a good week!


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